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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The good thing about losing......Maybe!

With the MLB playoff's and NFL football in full swing it is a great time of year for the average sports fan.  In my opinion the best part is that you have teams that are highly regarded as great teams not doing so well right now.  For example, the Cowboy's, the Yankee's and the Patriot's.  Every year these teams are suppossed to win it all and why?  Because of what they have done in the past?  It is great to see that in these to sports you can't go out and by a title anymore like you can in the NBA.(Even though it took two years)  To the average die hard sports fan its good to see these teams not having succes because the way sports goes this means we'll start to see much needed changes by these teams, which will get the fans watching more and make them more interesting.