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Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 Top Sports Stories Number 5 and Number 4

Number 5
Notre Dame goes unbeaten
The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame started the season with a game in Ireland and unranked.  They surprised the college football world by going unbeaten through the regular season.  They now sit atop the BCS rankings and have a Janurary 7 meeting with number 2 Alabama for the national title.  They did this with a great coach and great leadership. The leadership came from their stud linebacker Manti Te'o, who has a positive impact on and off the field.  Many people feel he should have won the Heisman Trophy.

Number 4
A Freshman wins the Heisman!
This year the voting for the Heisman Trophy was very close. It came down to three very deserving canidates, but in the end Johnny Manziel prevailed.  The QB from Texas A&M is the first freshman ever to win the award.  He has many people talking Heisman again in 2013, and since he is just a freshman who knows how many he can win?  But lets be honest he'll leave for the NFL next year, and get drafted by a horrible team.  Then he'll get put in too soon and next thing you know he is another Matt Leinart.

Friday, December 28, 2012

2012: The year in review

As we count down to the new year lets take a look back at 2012. Overall it was a good sports year. We saw Lebron James win his first tittle, Eli Manning win another tittle and the NHL lockout.  We also had tragedy that included a murder suicide and an athlete kill his team.(way to go nfl)
When you ask someone what they think the top sports moments of the year are, you will get several interesting answers. You will hear people talk about a freshman winning the Hiesman, three rookie QB's in the playoffs or Manny Pacquiao get knocked out.  The reality is that most fans will pick the stories about their team or favorite player and thats ok. It helps build great conversation and sometimes great arguments.
In the next few days you will read about what The Az Sports Guru thinks are the top sports stories of 2012.  If you agree or not there is one thing we should all be able to agree upon. And that is no matter how good a year this was we expect next year to be even better.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Tragedy for ASU runningback

The Arizona State Sun Devils are preparing for the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl on Saturday and were hit with tragedy on Friday.  Runningback Marion Grice left the team to be with his family.  His brother was gunned down friday, aparently over a pair of Jordan's he had just bought.  Another tragedy that makes us think, "what in the world is wrong with people today".  Our thoughts and our prayers go out to the Grice family.
If anything good has come out of this tragic event it is this.  ASU Coach Todd Grahm and the rest of the Sun Devil's have rallied behind their teammate.  They are dedicating the game against Navy to Marion Grice's brothers memory.  Another step in the right direction for a young football program.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Winning the NFC East

With just two games remaining in the NFL's regular season it iss time to talk playoff scenarios.  And the one to talk about is the NFC East.  There are two teams that can win the division and another can can get a wild card berth.  Lets taje a look at the three teams that are still alive in the playoff junt.

New York Giants
The Giants pretty much blew a playoff spot by decidinding not to play last week against the Falcons.  They were demolished 34-0 and so were their hopes of winning the NFC East.  The Giants can still make the playoffs with alot of help.  The jelp would start early if the Redskins and the Cowboys lost today.

Dallas Cowboys
The Cowboys are another team that needs alot of help to make the playoffs.  They also have a chance at the NFC East Title.  They need to take care of the Saints first, then they have a showdown with Washington that may very well be for the title and a number four seed.  The Saints still have a slight chance of getting in also, so they have something to play for.  The problem for the Saints is I have a better chance of winning the Powerball then they do of getting into the playoffs. 

Washington Redskins
The Redskins have the best chance of winning the division.  It's simple beat the Eagles and the Cowboys and you go to the playoffs as a number four seed.  the Redskins can clinch a playoff spot as early as today, but likely will have to wait til next week to win the East.  The good news for Redskins fans is that it was just annoubced that RGIII will start today for the Redskins.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sports and the holidays!

No matter what you celebrate its holiday time for most of the world.  And since the world didn't end last night ( #I told you so) we still have alot to look forward to.
The new year is coming and sports are starting to heat up.  It's just about playoff time in the NFL and the NBA always starts to get interesting this time of year.  And of course it's time to go "bowling" in college football.  With the wheather starting to get colder in most places in the world its always fun to stay in doors, keep warm and watch your favorite team play when it actually means something.  The only thing that would make this time of year better is if the NHL and players can come to some sort of agreement and we could see some hockey.  To all you sports fans, enjoy your team, be safe and have a wonderful sports filled holiday season.

Friday, December 21, 2012

The Az Sports Guru's new format!

Starting today The Az Sports Guru will start a new format.  This will now become a weekend blog.  There will be posts Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Mondays.  Don't worry you will still get the same great commentary, just at a pace that will hopefully better serve you as the reader.  As always you are encouraged to post any and all comments you may have. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rookie of the Year

Who is going to be the NFL's Rookie of the Year?  Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, or maybe Russell Wilson.  How about Alfred Morris?  For the first time in a long time we don't have a player that is running away with the trophy.  All of the above mentioned have a legitimate shot at winning the award.  I doubt it will be Morris only because he plays with RGIII.  I don't see anyone winning the Rookie of the year and not even being their teams MVP.
Andrew Luck probally has the chance to win it.  He is having a great season and making it easy for Colts fans to forget about Peyton Manning.  That is unless they meet in the playoffs.  Luck unlike the other three players is already in the post season and I feel many voters will choose Luck just to spite Peyton.
RG III controls his own destiny as he does with the playoffs.  Lets, for the sake of the argument say the Redskins win out and finish 10-6.  It's very hard not to give the Rookie of the Year to a guy that is on a seven game winning streak.  Even if they don't win out but make the playoffs he will get alot of votes because his style of play is a lot more flashier than Andrew Luck's.
This brings us to the underdog Russel Wilson.  He is extremely valuable to his team.  If he doesn't play well they don't win.  If Seattle gets into the playoffs voters have to give him great consideration before choosing someone else.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Big win for the Redskins

The Redskins just finished the game with the NFC East leading New York Giants.  Behind great rookie play from Morris and Griffin III they pulled off what many people think is an upset.  The Redskins are now 6-6, just one game behind the Giants and tied with the Cowboys for the division lead.  What makes this a big win for the skins is that it is their third in a row.  All against division opponents.  With four games left the Redskins are making a huge push for the playoffs.
In the win the Redskins became the first team to have a rookie QB throw for over 2,00 yards and a rookie running back rush for a thousand yards.  It is also the first Monday night win for a Redskins QB since Gus Freotte.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fox's blunder?

Are you watching the Cardinals-Jets game.  It doesn't come to much surprise that both QB's are playing horrible.  In fact after Sanchez had a pass batted down the crowd cheered as if to say, "see Rex he sucks take him out".  Then Fox showed what seemed to be a shocked fan.  You be the judge.