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Friday, January 31, 2014

The Seattle Seahawks and the Super Bowl

The Seattle Seahawks will play the Denver Broncos on Sunday in Super Bowl XLVIII.  The Seahawks look to win their first Lombardi Trophy.  The Super Bowl hasn't exactly been nice to the NFC champs.  The first time they were in the Super Bowl it was a big deal to Seattle fans.  You could say it was extra large.  They played the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XL.  That was their only appearance before this season and it ended with a 21-10 loss.  Seven years later the Seahawks are a much different team.  With Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch leading the offense and the best defense in the league they feel very confident going into Sunday's game.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Denver Broncos and the Super Bowl

When you think dynasty in football you often think New England Patriots or even Pittsburgh Steelers.  You think of those teams because them, as well as the Dallas Cowboys have been to the most Super Bowls.  When you think dynasty you rarely think of the Denver Broncos.  They will play in their 7th Super Bowl on Sunday.  Just one less then the before mentioned teams.  They also have one of the best QB's to ever play the games.  The reason Denver is not considered a dynasty is for two reasons.
First their record.  They are 2-4 in the Super Bowl.  Their 2 wins came back to back, which they are only the 7th team to do so. In their first 4 appearances they lost all of the games by more than four touchdowns.  Not a dynasty at all.  Unless your the Buffalo Bills.  Reason number two that they are not a dynasty is time frame.  Nine years past from their last loss to their first win.  And finally the Broncos are not a dynasty because they did not dominate.  Perhaps if John Elway had not retired the Broncos would have become a dynasty.
The Broncos won their two Super bowls very differently.  In Super Bowl XXXII the Broncos rode the legs of Terrell Davis to victory.  He rushed for 157 yards and three touchdowns as they defeated the Green Bay Packers.  In Super Bowl XXXIII it was John Elway and his 336 yards passing and one touchdown that led the Broncos to victory over the Atlanta Falcons.  Elway also played his last game and was named MVP.
This years version of the Broncos seems to have all the pieces that should lead them to another Super Bowl title.  It will be tough with Russell Wilson and the best defense in the league standing in the way.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tidbit Tuesday: Super Bowl Edittion

It's that time of year again, it's Super Bowl Week!  After a great season everyone is anticipating the big game that is just 5 days away.  During the week you will hear all kinds of stories about both teams and their players.  Well here's one I hope you heard first from me, The Az Sports Guru.
Did you know that the Super Bowl did not get a roman numeral until its fifth year o existence.  The Kansas City Chiefs late owner Lamar Hunt decided that adding a roman numeral would give the game more class.  And so it was born Super Bowl V.
Not many people pay much attention, but if you think about it when else do we use roman numerals?  I remember having to learn them in grade school and it always came easy to me because I would just think of the Super Bowl.  The interesting part will be when the Super Bowl goes to Santa Clara, California in two years.  It will be the 50th anniversary of the super Bowl.  That's Super Bowl L?  Yes its Super Bowl L.  It will be strange to see just one roman numeral  behind the word Super Bowl but I'm sure the committee in Santa Clara will come up with some genius way to market it in their favor.  Perhaps it will be the large Super Bowl, as long as its not the Loser Super Bowl.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Remember When Wednesday Jan 8

Remember when Michael Jordan scored his 20,000th career point?

It was January 8, 1993 and the Chicago Bulls were playing the Milwaukee Buck's.  What seemed like just another January night in the NBA quickly turned onto history.  Michael Jordan poured in 35 points to lead the Bull's to a 120-95 victory over the Buck's.  The 35 points gave Jordan exactly 20,00 points for his career.  Jordan had become the second fastest player in the NBA to reach the 20,000 point milestone.  The only person that accomplished this feat quicker was Wilt Chamberlin, who did it in 499 games.  Later that June Jordan led the Bull's to their third consecutive NBA title beating the Phoenix Suns 4 games to 2.  

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tidbit Tuesday Volume 1

Today is the first installment of a segment I call Tidbit Tuesday.  Recently a friend of mine asked me a football question.  This friend frequently asks me questions about sports when he is unsure.  Like most of the other times I was able to answer his question.  This gave me the idea for Tidbit Tuesday.  I can give some random fact about sports and maybe teach a few people some new info they can use to impress people.  So here you go.
Did you know that no QB in the NFL has started in and won the Super Bowl for two different teams.  Two guys have started the Super Bowl for two different teams teams but did not not win.
In 2000 Kurt Warner won the Superbowl with the ST. Louis Rams.  They beat Tennessee 23-16 and Warner was named MVP.  Kurt Warner was the gunslinger for the team everyone called the Greatest show on turf.  In 2009 Warner, after many thought his career was over, started in Super Bowl XLIII for the Arizona Cardinals.  The outcome was a little different this time.  Warner and his cardinals came up on the short end of a 27-23 score.  The game was very close and had a controversial TD catch been called the other way Warner would be the man to quarterback two different teams to a Super Bowl.
To find the other quarterback to start the Super Bowl for two different teams you have to go all the way back to 1965.  This when a guy named Craig Morton was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys.  His career lasted until 1982.  In 1971 he took the Cowboys to their first ever Super Bowl.  And lost.  The Cowboys lost to the Baltimore Colt's 16-13.  This game was by far one of the worst Super Bowls ever played.  Many people refer to it as the "Blunder Bowl."  The Colt's committed a record 11 turnovers (a record that still stands) and still won the game.  The next season Morton and Roger Staubach alternated playing QB until Tom Landry decided to give the full time duties to Staubach who led the Cowboys to a win in the Super Bowl that year.  That was the begin of the end for Morton.  He played a lot the next season because of an injury to Staubach but when he was healthy Morton was shown the bench, and later the door that off season.   He was traded for a draft pick that would later be used on Danny White.  At age 34 he took the Denver Broncos to the Super Bowl.  Ironically it was against the Dallas Cowboys and it was another loss 27-10.  One more interesting fact before I let you go.  Craig Morton wore number 7 for the Bronco's.  He retired after the 1982 season and the Bronco's then drafted a guy named John Elway in 1983, who was part of a QB draft class that may be the best ever.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Barely An Athlete?

With the NFL Playoffs starting tomorrow the talk of the NFL is not about teams like the Eagles and the Packers barely getting.  Its not even about the Cardinals winning 10 games and not getting in.  Is it about the recent slide of the Chiefs and Saints, with both managing to get in the playoffs.  No, of course not.  The talk is about a team that 5-11-1 and fired their coach the day after the season ended.  The funny part is the new coaching search is not the main fi\ocus in Minnesota.  Its the punter, yes the punter.  And to top it off he was cut before the season even started.  And that's where this story begins.
Chris Kluwe was a punter for the Minnesota Vikings until he was cut by the team before the season started.  In an essay he wrote published by Deadspin he he claims that he was cut because of his stance on gay rights and same sex marriage.  This allegation opens up for a lot of discussions and opinions on being a gay athlete.  This will be discussed in a future article.
I listen to a lot of talk radio.  Obviously I listen to sports but I also like to listen to a station that talks politics and current events.  On this station I heard a radio personality talking about the Kluwe situation.  Now this station doesn't always talk sports, but it is no stranger to it.  The segment was more informative than it was commentary, until the end.  The report said as the segment ended that Kluwe was a punter, "barely an athlete".  This bothered me for several reasons.  was he saying that as if to say that this story was relevant because it was just a punter saying it?  What if it was Tom Brady or even Bruce Arians?
This poses another question.  Why would he say that a punter is barely an athlete.  I get that they are only on the field a few times a game and that all they do is kick a football.  But lets be honest they are in the NFL and that takes a lot of athleticism to get there, no matter the position.  Punters may not be as athletic as a QB or even a lineman but they workout and train everyday just like any other athlete in the NFL.  I'd love to see that radio personality compete in a combine drill against Chrs Kluwe or any other NFL punter, than I'd like to see how athletic he thinks punters are.