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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tidbit Tuesday Volume 1

Today is the first installment of a segment I call Tidbit Tuesday.  Recently a friend of mine asked me a football question.  This friend frequently asks me questions about sports when he is unsure.  Like most of the other times I was able to answer his question.  This gave me the idea for Tidbit Tuesday.  I can give some random fact about sports and maybe teach a few people some new info they can use to impress people.  So here you go.
Did you know that no QB in the NFL has started in and won the Super Bowl for two different teams.  Two guys have started the Super Bowl for two different teams teams but did not not win.
In 2000 Kurt Warner won the Superbowl with the ST. Louis Rams.  They beat Tennessee 23-16 and Warner was named MVP.  Kurt Warner was the gunslinger for the team everyone called the Greatest show on turf.  In 2009 Warner, after many thought his career was over, started in Super Bowl XLIII for the Arizona Cardinals.  The outcome was a little different this time.  Warner and his cardinals came up on the short end of a 27-23 score.  The game was very close and had a controversial TD catch been called the other way Warner would be the man to quarterback two different teams to a Super Bowl.
To find the other quarterback to start the Super Bowl for two different teams you have to go all the way back to 1965.  This when a guy named Craig Morton was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys.  His career lasted until 1982.  In 1971 he took the Cowboys to their first ever Super Bowl.  And lost.  The Cowboys lost to the Baltimore Colt's 16-13.  This game was by far one of the worst Super Bowls ever played.  Many people refer to it as the "Blunder Bowl."  The Colt's committed a record 11 turnovers (a record that still stands) and still won the game.  The next season Morton and Roger Staubach alternated playing QB until Tom Landry decided to give the full time duties to Staubach who led the Cowboys to a win in the Super Bowl that year.  That was the begin of the end for Morton.  He played a lot the next season because of an injury to Staubach but when he was healthy Morton was shown the bench, and later the door that off season.   He was traded for a draft pick that would later be used on Danny White.  At age 34 he took the Denver Broncos to the Super Bowl.  Ironically it was against the Dallas Cowboys and it was another loss 27-10.  One more interesting fact before I let you go.  Craig Morton wore number 7 for the Bronco's.  He retired after the 1982 season and the Bronco's then drafted a guy named John Elway in 1983, who was part of a QB draft class that may be the best ever.

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