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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dodgers A Major Problem For Diamondbacks!

The Arizona Diamondbacks are just 53 games into a 162 game season, yet many experts and fans have already counted them out of contention for a NIL West pennant.  They are 11 games under .500 and 12 games out of first place.  Even though they have been playing a lot better as of late I don't think they will win more then 85 games at best this year.
The D'backs will struggle to reach .500, but that is the least of their worries.  The big problem for the D'backs is the Los Angeles Dodgers.  The Dodgers didn't get off to good start this season but they are many peoples pick to win the World Series.  The pitching for the Dodgers has been on fire as off late.  Over a 3 game span Dodger pitchers  held 56 consecutive batters hitless.  One pitcher threw a no-hitter and the very next night another pitcher took a perfect game into the 8th inning.  The Dodger pitching isn't the only thing the D'backs have to worry about.  They also have a powerful offense led by outfielder Yasiel Puig.
The Dodgers are division rivals and given the two teams recent public dislike for each other, aren't going anywhere anytime soon.  The Dodgers have put together a roster that can win now and be contenders for the next five years.  The D'backs are trying to do just that and if they are going to be successful they will have to go through the Dodgers to do so.  The fact that the front office recently brought in Tony La Russa should tell fans that they are planning to do just that.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Johnny Football....or maybe not

The first round of the 2014 NFL Draft has come and gone and like many people expected Johnny Manziel went to the Clevland Browns.  The problem is he was selected with the fourth overall pick.  He dropped all the way to number 22!  This slide cost Manziel millions, which makes you wonder if he should really be called Johnny Football.  Many people questioned his off the field behavior and his arrogance, as well as his footwork.  Will it affect his play on the field?  History shows that it will.  If you look at the proven long term superstar QB's such as Tom Brady and Peyton Manning they are great guys off of the field as well as on the field.  For him to have the nickname Johnny Football suggests that he difines football and what a QB should be.  If thats the case I don't want any part of it.  Manziel only played colloege ball for two years and yes he was good, maybe even great, but if he was that good then why didn't he win the Heisman his sophomore year?  Manziel is a good QB, but there are just to many questions about his mechanics and arm strenght.  The fact that he went to an orginazation that is known for drafting busts for quarterbacks.  If you don't believe me google two names, Brady Quinn and Brandon Weeden.  For Manziel to be successful he needs to be able to sit for a full season and learn how to be a QB in the NFL on amd off the field.  The reality is he now plays for the Cleveland Browns, which means he will be the starter by week 4.  Maybe his nickname should be Johnny 22, not just for his draft position, but for the number of picks he'll throw his rookie season.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

The NFL's First Gay Player

The NFL Draft is finally here and it should be quite an entertaining day.  Everyone can't wait to see who goes number 1 and who their team will take first.  One of this years big stories from the draft will be Michael Sam.  In case you don't remember he is the Defensive End from Missouri who recently came out of the closet.  Sometime this weekend he will become the first active gay player in the NFL.  If he gets drafted.  When this story broke a few months ago a lot of experts had Sam going as early as the fourth round.  Now some say he may go undrafted, and not because he is gay, but because the draft is so deep.There are already guys that have been told by some teams that they will not be drafted but they want them to attend training camp.
With Sam coming out it puts the NFL in a bad position.  If Sam does not get drafted it makes the NFL look homophobe.  People are going to say that he didn't get drafted because he is gay.  The main argument will be that it doesn't if he is gay.  My thought is this, Sam's coming out was strategic.  He knew that there was a possibility that he would not get drafted.  Since Sam being gay doesn't have anything to do with him playing in the NFL then why come out before the draft?  He could have waited until after the draft to come out.  If he is good enough he will get drafted.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Fighting Floyd Mayweather: Career Suicide

It's a pretty safe bet to consider Floyd "Money" Mayweather pound for pound the best boxer around today, He may even be the best fighter of all time..  Mayweather is 45-0 and has beaten some pretty dominant names in boxing.  He has beaten such boxers as Oscar De La Hoya, "Sugar" Shane Mosely, Rickky Hatton, Miguel Cota and most recently Saul "Canelo" Alvarez. These are great fighters but there careers have been brutaly damaged from the loss to Mayweather.
Mayweather is such a great fighter that he has ruined careers of some of boxings best, such as Zab Judah.  Judah was 33-4 before he fought Mayweather.  Since that fight he is 9-5, including an embarrassing loss to Pauly Malignaggi.  Shane Mosely is 1-3-1 since his loss too Mayweather.  And Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero has even been able to get a fight since his loss last May.  Although he will fight next month.  Mayweather's last 10 opponents are a combined 26-19.  That's a stat that most people don't even look at but speaks volumes of how great Floyd Mayweather really is.  The only fighter, excluding the ghost, that hasn't lost since there loss to Mayweather is Canelo Alvarez.  He is 1-0 since his loss last September.
In my book Mayweather is the best boxer in the sport today.  Marcos Maidana has more to worry then just today's big fight.  Perhaps he is fighting for his career.