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Thursday, May 8, 2014

The NFL's First Gay Player

The NFL Draft is finally here and it should be quite an entertaining day.  Everyone can't wait to see who goes number 1 and who their team will take first.  One of this years big stories from the draft will be Michael Sam.  In case you don't remember he is the Defensive End from Missouri who recently came out of the closet.  Sometime this weekend he will become the first active gay player in the NFL.  If he gets drafted.  When this story broke a few months ago a lot of experts had Sam going as early as the fourth round.  Now some say he may go undrafted, and not because he is gay, but because the draft is so deep.There are already guys that have been told by some teams that they will not be drafted but they want them to attend training camp.
With Sam coming out it puts the NFL in a bad position.  If Sam does not get drafted it makes the NFL look homophobe.  People are going to say that he didn't get drafted because he is gay.  The main argument will be that it doesn't if he is gay.  My thought is this, Sam's coming out was strategic.  He knew that there was a possibility that he would not get drafted.  Since Sam being gay doesn't have anything to do with him playing in the NFL then why come out before the draft?  He could have waited until after the draft to come out.  If he is good enough he will get drafted.

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