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Sunday, May 5, 2013

All We Are Saying Is Give Tebow A Chance!

In case you haven't heard Tim Tebow was released by the New York Jet's.  Tim was the third string QB and with the Jets drafting Geno Smith everyone new his job was in jeopardy.  Tebow is not your typical QB and some think he should have played a different position.  I don't think Tebow is a great QB, he may not even be a good QB.  My only issue is that Tebow wasn't even given a chance.  The Jet's got him from Denver and never let him play.  Think about it, its no secret Mark Sanchez wasn't getting the job done so you go and pick up this guy that came off the bench and took his team to the playoffs and even won a game.  Tebow does all that and New York disgraces him by not even giving him a chance. 
When he was in Denver it was a no brainer, if you have a shot at Peyton Manning, you go get him.  But why get rid of Tebow?  Money? Doesn't fit the system? No. John Elway had a personal issue with him, which we will probably never know.  My best guess is that Elway didn't want Tebow to start winning and still his "thunder".  Well guess what, you are John freaking Elway, no one is going to still your spotlight!  Elway is just lucky Peyton worked out for the Broncos.

So lets look at this from a talent aspect.  Whether you want to admit it or not Tebow is very talented.  He has decent arm strenght and is above average running the football.  Many people knock his mechanics and throwing ability.  To that I say look at the last two QB's to come out of USC and a hand full of others that either lasted just one or two seasons or are career backups in the NFL.  When Tebow was drafted people said his style of quarterback will never work in the NFL.  Really, can you say read option! Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson and RGIII can.  Like these guys Tebow is able to extend a play with his feet.  Tebow will never be a Hall of Famer, but let's give him a chance and at the very least he puts a few extra fans in the seats, or he gets you into the playoffs like he did in Denver.  Now I know its a stretch to compare Tebow to the three previously mentioned QB's but if you stop and think about it its really not.  Tebow is a smart guy and very gutsy, willing to do what it takes to prove the nay sayers wrong, kind of like half of the QB's in this league.  So know one wants to give Tebow a chance at the read option, why not?  I leave you with this "would we think different if Tebow wasn't a white guy trying to be a Running QB?"  I wonder.  All we are saying is give Tebow a chance!