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Wednesday, July 29, 2015


New England Patriot's quarterback Tom Brady plans to appeal his four game suspension.  Now it is up to a Federal Court Judge to decide if Brady will indeed miss the four games the NFL has sat him down for.

Brady and the league had apparently came to a settlement that would have reduced the suspension to just one game.  As part of the settlement Brady would have had to admit to his role in the Deflate Gate incident.  Brady refused and so the league decided to keep the suspension at four games.

Brady is in total disagreement with the suspension.  In a Facebook post he wrote this morning Brady says that he and any member of the Patriots organization had nothing to do with the January incident.  Brady also denies any wrongdoing with his cell phone.  He says he simple switched phones and didn't destroy the old one despite what reports say.

Brady may be completely innocent in this whole thing but his cell phone mistressly not being available at the time of the Wells Report looks real bad for Tom Brady.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


After several weeks of making the public wait the word was finally sent down from the NFL powers that be.  Tom Brady will remain suspended for four games for his part in Deflate Gate.

Brady had appealed the suspension some three weeks ago and because how long it was being dragged out most figured it would be reduced to two, if any.

The suspension is correct and it should not have been changed.  Brady broke the rules and needs to be punished for it.

Some will say its not fair and will cite other situations such as Greg Hardy or Ray Rice.  I say that's comparing apples to oranges.  The cases are very different and should be treated as such.  We should not lessen the penalty for one rule breaker because the other wasn't reprimanded appropriately.

Bottom line is this.  Tom Brady will come back from his suspension guns a blazing!  Watch out NFL i feel a Super Bowl repeat coming!

Friday, July 24, 2015


Former NBA center Shaquille O'Neal is making news again.  It's not with his nasty slam dunks or even his terrible free throw shooting.  It's with his mouth.

That's right Shaq made headlines again this week when he said the all-time Lakers would beat the All-time Chicago Bulls.  What sparked the controversy was that Shaq said the Laker team, which included him, would win by 50.

Give me a break Shaq!  There's no way a Jordan led team would lose by 50!

At first thought most people would think the Bull's would win because of Jordan. But when you break it down by position, the Lakers have the clear advantage.

It wouldn't surprise me to see a Laker victory if the two were to play, but not by 50.  Maybe Shaq wants then to win by that much because he knows he doesn't belong on the first team all Lakers team.  I put him as a 3rd stringer behind Kareem ans Wilt!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


The Arizona Diamondbacks have started the second half of the baseball season very slow.  They are just 1-3 since the All-Star break.  Since reaching .500 just before the break they have lost 6 of their last 7 games.

One would say they are in a slump?  But are they really?  Or just a victim of their schedule?

The D-Backs reached .500 and then were swept by the Mets and the Giants with the All-Star break sandwiched in between.  Now losing 6 out of 7 sounds bad, but when you've put yourself in playoff contention like the D-Backs have and you are swept by 2 playoff ready teams, are you really in as bad of shape as people think you are?

The D-backs have already exceeded this years expectations and continue to improve.  If their pitching can continue to improve as well they may be the surprising team of the 2015 MLB season.

Monday, July 20, 2015


Get ready folks we are just over a month away from the start of football season.  Soon our weekends will be filled with touchdowns and turnovers.

If your anything like me you can't wait for the whistle of the first play that will signal the official start of the 2015 football season.

Weather it's the NFL, College, or even High School you are in for a great football season.  So get your fantasy team and DVR's set, load up on the snacks and enjoy the upcoming football season.

Sunday, July 12, 2015


The Arizona Diamondbacks have reached the All-star break.  They were beaten today by the New York Met's 5-3.  While the loss meant s sweep for the Met's and a 42-45 record going into the break, there are lots to be happy about if you are a D-Backs fans.

Despite a bad start to the season the D-backs are playing much better as of late.  They are 10-10 over the last 20 games.  Before this weekend's 3 game losing skid they won the previous 5, including two seeps of the Rockies and the Rangers.

The D-backs are sitting in third place in the National League West.  They are 7.5 games behind the Dodgers and just 3 behind the Giants.  For team that was projected to lose 90 games this season, that's impressive.

The D-backs are sending two players to Tuesday's MLB All-star game in Cincinnati.  Then on Friday they host the San Francisco Giants, a series that will tell the rest of Major League Baseball weather or not the D-backs are going to be playoff contenders.

Friday, July 10, 2015


They started the season 8-8.  That was the last time they were .500.  They have tried 12 times since and failed on all attempts.  Well number 13 was their lucky number!  Not only did they complete a 2 game sweep of the Texas Ranger's in Texas but it moved their record to 42-42.

The Dbacks now travel to New York to play a three game series with the Mets before the All-Star break.  If they can win two out of three they will finish the first half of the season above .500 and in a surprising good position to make a playoff run.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Yesterday ESPN announced the reserves for the 2015 MLB All-Star Game.  The Arizona Diamondbacks have two players that will represent them this year in Cincinnati. 

First baseman Paul Goldschmidt was voted a starter and is making his third appearance in the midsummer classic.  Center fielder A.J. Pollock also made the team as a reserve.  He was voted in by his peers.  This will be his first All-star appearance.

The Diamondbacks will be represented well next week when the National League takes on the American league.  Then after the game the two will try and help ignite the D-Backs to a better second half of the season in hopes of making the playoffs.

Monday, July 6, 2015


The United States Women's National Team is on top of the soccer world again.  The U.S. women won the 2015 FIFA World Cup of Soccer.  They beat Japan in convincing fashion yesterday 5-2.  The win helped avenge a loss to the same Japan team four years ago in the 2011 Final.

Team U.S.A. made our nation proud by dominating the game from the get go.  They jumped out to an early 4-0 lead and never looked back.  Japan tried to get back in it cutting the lead to 4-2.  Then moments later the Africans struck again and cruised to victory.

Saturday, July 4, 2015


Today LaMarcus Aldridge made his choice of which will be the next NBA team he plays for. Many people believed his top 3 choices were the San Antonio Spurs, the Miami Heat, and the Phoenix Suns.  He chose the San Antonio Spurs.

While many fans in Phoenix were disappointed the choice should not be a surprising one.  The Spurs are already a championship contender without him.  Now with him on the team along side Tim Duncan and under Coach Popovich they may be the team to beat.

The Suns tried their very best to lure the all-star forward here to the valley.  They signed they resigned guard Brandon Knight and free agent Tyson Chandler.  The pitch wasn't enough. 

But let's be honest why would he come?  The Suns haven't made the playoffs in 5 years and even with Aldridge there is no guarantee that they are a playoff team.  The Suns have not been very good as of late and don"t have anybody that attracts others to come play for the Suns.

The question now is what do the Phoenix Suns do now?