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Friday, November 30, 2012

Powerball and sports

Check out this crazy coincidence.  The winning numbers from the record setting Powerball two nights ago are all jersey numbers worn by former Kansas City Royals hall of Famers.  The crazy part is one of the winning tickets was sold in Missouri.  The couple said they picked the numbers at random, but are Royals fans.  Would have be awesome if they didn't.

The AZ Sports Guru Info

So I have been doing this consistently for about a month now.  I really enjoy doing and hope you do as well.  I just wanted to take a few moments to ask for your help.  Please please leave a comment whether you like the blog or not.  You can also sign up with your email and every time I post it will be automatically emailed to you.  I am also looking for some guest commentary so if you would like to have your piece on The Az Sports Guru's blog feel free to submit something for consideration.  Also if you have any topics you would like covered feel free to let me know.

Very Interesting!

Isn't it weird how much of an impact sports has on our everyday life.  Sports makes people that otherwise wouldn't even talk seem like they are the best of friends.  You always see people giving there input about sports to pretty much anyone who will listen.  The interesting thing is for them to find someone who will listen.
The other day I was in the mall and walked into the sports store and the two workers were talking about football.  My instinct was to jump right in and start giving my opinion.  I was with my wife and kids and decided not too.  Until one of the guys said something that I totally disagreed with.  The not so smart mall worker said that RGIII is not even a top 15 quarterback in the NFL.  I value people's opinion and firmly believe everyone has a right to their own.  But it bothers' me when people say things and have no evidence to back it up.  His main argument was that Grffin III is just a rookie and hasn't finished a whole season.  He compared him with Cam Newton saying Newton started off great and look at him now.  What a fool.
In one of my earlier blogs I too said RGIII is like Newton, the only difference is RGIII is good.  If you look at his stats he has only thrown three pics all season.  He has well over 2,000 passing yards.  That alone puts him in the top 15.  Then when you consider how his play has lifted the play of his teammates and they are still in contention for a playoff spot.  They may even win the NFC East.  Something else that puts RGIII in the top 5 is that he has played all 11 games this season.  If you look at the QB's as of today there is no reason not to put RGIII in the top 10.  Needless to say I did not purchase anything at that sports store.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Why you need a great QB

As we count down the final days of November and start preparing for the holidays, the NFL is getting ready for the playoffs.  We are entering week 13 and a lot of teams still have hope for the playoffs.  Some dreams will be dashed this week and others will start to become reality.  If a team wants to go far in the playoffs they need a superstar QB taking snaps from under center.
History has proven that to win championships in this league you need a take control dominant quarterback.  All the top teams in the NFL have a great signal caller, a coach on the field.  Every team that is projected to get into to the playoff has a great QB, for example Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Matt Ryan and Matt Schaub.  These guys are able to single handily help there team win a game.  Teams that are on the bubble or already out of playoff contention are struggling at QB.  The Eagles and the Cowboys come to mind .  Other teams are good depending on the play of their quarterback such as the Cowboys and the Steelers.  The Redskins for example have a great QB that is finally clicking with the rest of his team.  With Pierre Garcon back in the line up and on fire look for Washington to make a significant run at the playoffs and who knows maybe even the Super Bowl.
Regardless of how this season turns out a great QB is going to make a play that decides the outcome of the game and propel his team to great success.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Whisenhunt's days are numbered in Arizona

The Arizona Cardinals started the season 4-0.  Expectations were very high.  Then they went to St/ Louis to play the Rams in a Thursday night game.  They suffered their first loss.  They played the Rams again today, and they lost again.  The bad part is that in-between the two losses they lost five other games.  They are now 4-7 and you have to wonder how much longer Ken Whisenhunt will be the head coach for the Cardinals.
He has a reputation for pulling a guy if he is not producing.  He has not produced as a coach and its time for him to go.  A few weeks ago he stressed change is coming and probably in hopes of saving his job.  He brought in a rookie QB in what many feel was too soon.  The rookie, Ryan Lindley looked awful today.  He has no timing with his receivers and made bad read after bad read.  He threw four interceptions, two which were returned for touchdowns.
When a team is on a long losing streak such as the Cardinals, everyone wants someone to blame.  A scape goat.  Whisenhunt is such a great coach that he has never been the blame to the media.  There have been many others to blame.  They started the season with QB questions that seem like they will never go away.  They have two young tackles on both sides of the line that have not protected the QB's at all.  Their running backs have taken turns being hurt and it has forced the Cards to rely on their number three and four running back.  In order to keep fans happy the front office is going to have to do something to show they are committed to winning.  A few weeks ago they could have sent that message by firing line coach Russ Grim.  Whisenhunt is a loyal guy and didn't.  That may cost all of his coaches their jobs.  Its too late to let go of Grimm because now the problem is way bigger than just the offensive line.  The other reason is when they started Potter at tackle and he held his own it showed that Grimm can produce young talent.  Whisenhunt has five games left this season, if he's lucky, to prove he is worthy of being the Cardinals coach in2013.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Upset in the making?

We are about five minutes into the third of the USC-Notre Dame game.  Notre Dame leads 16-10.  With a win tonight the Irish punch their ticket to the National championship game on January 7, 2013. Most people assumed that the Irysh were going to have their way with the Trojans.  USC has had a bad year with an uncharacteristic four losses.
It no surprise that USC is giving the Irish a money for their nation championship money.  What should worry the Notre Dame faithful is this.  Notre thus far has controlled the clock and played well, but only lead by six.  USC has a QB making his first start that really isn't doing anything.  Yet they are still in this game.  The positive thing for the Irish is that Manti Te'o has done anything.  Before you get upset, let me explain myself.  Te'o will not go an entire game without making an impact.  Look for big Manti Te'o to make a huge play and end the Trojans dream of an upset.  He will make the play that puts the Fighting Irish in the national title game.

Friday, November 23, 2012

The territorial Cup

Today is the newest installment of one of the oldest rivalries in college football.  Arizona State travels down the I-10 to visit the University of Arizona.  These games means so much to both programs and the players that are in it.  Every year when these teams meet it is an all out battle for the right to take home the Territorial Cup.
The Wildcats of Arizona are 7-4 and ranked 24 nationally.  They have a very high powered offense powered by hometown running back Ka'deen Carey.  He is literally running over the competition and piling on the all purpose yards at the same time.  They also have a talented QB in Matt Scott.  If the Wildcats want to win they are going to have to put pressure on the ASU QB and get on the scoreboard early.
ASU is 6-5 and looking to avoid another non winning season with a victory tonight.  They led by a dual threat at QB and a freshman running back.  D.J. Foster is also a hometown kid who is having a great season.  If there stud defensive lineman Will Sutton has a good game it will be a long night for the Wildcats.
The intriguing factor in tonights game is the coaches.  Both first year coaches trying to restart programs that have been down hill the last few years.  The ironic part is that ASU coach Todd Grahm used to work under U of A coach Rich Rodrigues at West Virginia.  If you read Grahm's ASU bio it doesn't mention that he worked under Rodriguez.  And that might be because Rodriguez fired him.  To add fuel to the fire two of Grahm's assistant last year at Pittsburgh left to be reunited with Rodriguez.  Grahm was not happy and let the media know how disappointed he was that they jumped ship.  Then he left two weeks later. I guess its ok to for the pot to call the kettle black sometimes.

Redskins beat Cowboys

I hope everybody enjoyed their Thanksgiving.  I know RGIII and the Redskins nation did.  The Redskins absolutely destroyed the Cowboys int the first half and hung on for a 38-31 win.  This win was huge for the Redskins in many aspects.
First and foremost it keeps Washington's playoff hopes alive.  They are now 5-6 and tied for second in the NFC East.  They can get some help this Sunday if the Packers can knock off the Giants.  Washington's next game is December 3 against the Giants.  The Redskins could possibly be playing for share of the conference lead.  They still play all three division opponents one more time so it will be interesting to see if the redskins can make the playoffs.
Another thing that made the win yesterday so much more better is that the Redskins had not beaten the Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day.  They were 0-6 in previous games.  RGIII continued his great play and threw for four more touchdowns.  That's eight in two weeks against division opponents.  I'm not sure if that's ever been done, and probably not for a rookie.  The bottom line is if RGIII continues to stay on fire like he has been and get the Redskins to the playoffs its going to be really hard not to give him Rookie of the Year and MVP honors.
The best thing about the win over the Cowboys is that it gives Redskins fans something to hope for.  Piere Garson is back with a vengeance.  He had a breakout game along with Santana Moss.  The Redskins have a very talented defense and a solid offensive line.  They have a superstar QB, one of the top rushers in the league, a very fast WR(one of the fastest in the NFL) and a kicker who hasn't missed a field goal yet.  And I'll leave you with this though.  Those players are all rookies.  If not this year look for the Redskins to contend for a Superbowl.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Be Thankful for Football

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  Even if you are in a country where Thanksgiving isn't celebrated you should always take time away from your everyday life to be thankful.  One thing I feel you should be thankful for is football.
To the average person that doesn't sound very reasonable, but to some people that males the most sense in the world.  For many underprivileged youth football is the way out of a rough life.  Many inner city poor children find an outlet in football.  People don't realize that you learn more than just X's and O's from football.  You learn how to be a productive member to society after football.  Many youth and high school coaches spend a lot of time and effort to make sure these children stay off the streets and in the classrooms.  They give real life meaning to the tern "blood sweat and tears".
I know a handful of guys that would not have even finished high school if it wasn't for football.  I myself stayed out of would be trouble because of what I was taught during high school football.  I was touched so much that since leaving high school I have always been involved in football and now I am an assistant coach at the high school level.  You may consider me a success story, but there has been many other guys that haves used football to get themselves into college.  Now those guys have a shot at being something in life.
Here is a another great reason to be thankful for football.  A guy Jerome Harrison was going to be traded for the Lions to the Eagles.  A lot of people don't know this but when you are traded in the NFL( and most other major sports) you must take and pass a physical before the trade can be finalized.  So thinking nothing of it Harrison goes and takes his physical.  Next thing he knows he is getting a CAT scan of his brain.  They found a tumor on his brain stem.  They then take him in for emergency surgery. A surgery that is expected to last only three hours lasts over seven hours.  But he pulls through.  The next day he gets a blood clot and has a stroke.  The stroke leaves him a quadriplegic.  Again he pulls through and does not give up on life.  Today he is doing so much better, he is no longer paralyzed and he is very thankful for being able to celebrate this Thanksgiving with his wife and two children.
So just remember football isn't always just for entertainment.  It has impacted many lives on and off the grid iron.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Redskins vs. Cowboys.....What a great way to spend Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, a time to give thanks and appreciate the good things in life.  WE celebrate with turkey mashed potatoes and stuffing.  But the best way to celebrate is with football.  It's tradition that the Cowboy's host a game.
This year they play host to the Washington Redskins.  A division opponent and rival.  This is always a good game when the two play.  This is one of the oldest and best rivalries in football.
This games means a lot for both teams.  Dallas is 5-5 and looking to pull farther away from the Redskins in the NFC east.  Washington is 4-6 and coming off a huge win against the Eagles.  Both teams are looking to keep pace with the Giants and make a run at the playoffs.
The outcome in this game is going to depend on the play of the Quarterbacks.  Romo like always is having an up and down season and usually if he plays well the Cowboys win.  RGIII is having an unbelievable season but isn't getting much help from the rest of his teammates.  The Redskins have a great defense and should be able to put pressure on Romo.  The Redskins need to focus on stopping the run.  If they can stop the run and RGIII does what he has been doing all season the Redskins can get a lead early.  This will force the Cowboys to have to throw and put more pressure on Romo.  Romo has proven that he is not good under pressure.  The complete opposite is true for Washington.  RGIII has shown that he can perform under pressure and is going to be an elite QB in the NFL.  This game will be an exciting way to spend your Thanksgiving.  So make yourself a huge plate and enjoy the greatest rivalry in the NFL.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Whisenhunt's untimely decission

Arizona Cardinal head coach Ken Whisenhunt has has a roller coaster 2012 season so far.  During last weeks bye week Whisenhunt said that change is in the horizon.  Like he always does he would not say what the change was going to be.  Everyone thought to was starting Potter at tackle.  No one saw what was coming.
During yesterdays game with the Atlanta Falcons it was clear he came in with a plan.  His plan was to bench John Skelton and put in the rookie Ryan Lindley.  His plan was to take Skelton out as soon as he made a mistake.  He missed Larry Fitzgerald wide open in the end zone and that sealed his fate.
Whisenhunt wanted to send a message to his team.  Do your job or hit the bench.  Where the controversy comes is thanks to great defensive play the Cardinals were on top 13-0.  Skelton was just 2 for 7 for six yards.  Skelton needed to be replaced but he should have been replaced before the game even started.  At the very least wait til Skelton gives up the lead.  Lindley came in and didn't do anything that Skelton wouldn't have done.  This was a bad coaching move that cost the Cardinals a game they so desperately needed to win.
I love Ken Whisenhunt's style of coaching, and I definitely like the fact that he will not hesitate to sit a player that isn't producing.  What I don't like is the timing of the QB change.  Lets face it the offense hasn't done anything this season.  When Whisenhunt said changes were coming everyone figured it was at tackle or running back.  What most people neglected to think was how poor the play from the QB position has gone.  When Kolb got the job he was looking good and had the Cardinals thinking playoffs.  Once he got hurt and Skelton got the job back most people counted the Cardinals out of playoff contention after one game.  The Cardinals can still make the playoffs, but they will have to go on a win streak.  This isn't unthinkable, everyone says defense wins championships and I've said before the Cardinals have the best defense in the league.  But honestly you can't win if you don't score any points.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

RG III needs to start winning

Robert Griffin III is a standout rookie quarterback for the Washington Redskins.  Last off season the Redskins traded what many would say is too much just to get the Baylor star.  Griffin III won the Heisman Trophy last season and was destined to be a top 5 pick.  The Redskins needing a QB decided to take a chance and go after the very talented QB.  Only time will tell if that was a good move or not.
We are entering week 11 of his rookie year in the NFL and GriffinIII has already accomplished so much. He has thrown for nearly 2,000 yards, rushed for over 500 yards and has thrown 8 touchdowns.  He has only thrown 3 pics.  He is probably on his way to rookie of the year and he is definitely a superstar.
He has commercials with Subway and Gatorade.  All very impressive for any athlete.  The problem is his team only has three wins.  That would be ok if this was week five or six or even week seven.  But its week 11 and with the playoffs around the corner RGIII needs to shift it into high gear and get the Redskins on a winning streak.  The Redskins have two games in five days against division rivals.  If the Redskins can win both of these games they will be 5-6 and will put themselves in position to make a run at the playoffs.  They play the Eagles today and the Cowboys on Thanksgiving.  Both very winnable games especially if RGIII plays the way he has been playing.  If Griffin gets his team to the playoffs he may not only win Rookie of the Year he'd be in talks to win NFL MVP also.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

College Football: The top 5 week 12

Today we look at the top 5 teams in the country.  These teams all are still alive int the hunt for the BCS Championship.  Good luck to all.
#5 Georgis vs. Georgia Southern
On paper these teams look identical.  Goergia Southern even has better stats in some areas.  But there is a reason you haven't heard much about them all year.  They are having a great season but no upset today.
Georgia 49, Georgia Southern 12

#4 Alabama vs. Western Carolina
This will be short and to the point. The Crimson Tide is pissed coming off a loss.  The Catamounts are going to get crushed.  Oh and before you ask a Catamount is a large wildcat or cougar.  I spent more tine looking that up then they will spend in the endzone.
Alabama 70, Western Carolina 0

#3 Notre Dame vs. Wake Forrest
We have a very slim chance of an upset here.  The country is just waiting for the Irish to slip up and with a big game against USC  a week away it may happen.  My prediction, no upset this week.
Notre Dame 31, Wake Forrest 10

#2 Oregon vs. #13 Stanford
This is a big time match up in the Pac 12.  Look for this to go down to the last drive.  Oregon has a high powered offense and Stanford has a great defense..  This may be the upset no one sees coming.
Stanford 38, Oregon 35

#1Kansas St. vs Baylor

Boy is Kansas St. lucky RG3 plays for the Redskins this season.  Kansas St. isn't worthy of a number ranking but Baylor is no match for the wildcats.  Kansas St. is going to have their way today.  Baylor may score a few touchdowns but will give up a whole lot more.
Kansas St. 45, Baylor 14

Friday, November 16, 2012

Magic's mistake

Magic Johnson doesn't like the decision made by the Laker's to hire Mike D'Antoni over Phil Jackson.  He tweeted on Wednesday, "The reason I haven't tweeted in two days is because I've been mourning Phil Jackson not being hired as the Lakers head coach".  Are you serious Magic. For one Jackson isn't god and whether you want to believe it or not D'Antoni is a suitable person for the job.  And just about two hours ago the LA Times released an article saying that Magic says Laker fan should support D'Antoni.  Of coarse they should he's going to win them a title.
In the article Magic says that the decision has been made so we should support him. Of coarse he did this via tweeter.  In an interview Mike D'Antoni said he was going to reach out to Magic. I'm sure he did because Magic thanked him for reaching out and said he looks forward to talking to you.  I think that was the reason Magic changed his mind.  Him making as big a deal as he did  over a coach that alot of people think is going to do a good job is making him look bad.  And when the Lakers win the title in June he is going to look even worse.  I understand Magic is one of the greatest Lakers to ever wear the uniform, but lets be honest with ourselves he isn't the owner or GM.  Who cares what Magic thinks.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursday Night Football: Miami @ Buffalo

It's thursday night football in the NFL.  The promising Dolphins travel to play the Bills.  They  are only one game apart record wise but Miami seems to be the better team tonight.  Look for Ryan Tannehill to have a great game tonight.  Early on in the season the Dolphins looked like a legitimate playoff team, but lately they've looked more like the Dolphins of the past few seasons.  The Dolphins are better in all areas of the game.  The Bills will put up a good fight, but I give the edge to the Dolphins.
Miami 27, Buffalo 21

It's Tebow Time! In Arizona?

Everyone is talking about the Tebow controversy in New York.  The play or lack of play by Mark Sanchez has prompted alot of Jet's fans to wander what Tebow can do for them.  There are some people that think he is no good including one of his teammates who has decided to cowardly remain anonymous.  Tebow hasn't seen much action in NY, but I think one thing is evident.  Tebow is not the right fit for the Jet's.  He just wasted a season by going to New York.  At the end of the season he needs to demand a trade.
This brings me to today's point.  The Arizona Cardinals need to do whatever it takes to get Tebow.  It's obvious that what they have isn't working.  Tebow would be a good fit for Arizona.
Think about it, until the Cardnal's get help at both tackle spots or the two young guys they have develope the QB is going to need to be mobile.  I'll be the first to admitt that Tebow is not an NFL quarterback, but he is very athletic and in a place like Arizona he can turn into one.  One think I think we can all agree on is that Tim Tebow knows how to extend a play with his legs.  He can get outside of the pocket and get rid of the football.  Now imagine this.  Tebow drops back to pass, gets presured out of the pocket and scrambles left.  Most Linebackers are going to come up looking for a kill shot.  Then at the last second Tebow hits Larry Fitzgerald coming back across the field to help.  Now Fitz has the ball in the secondary.  This may never happen but image if it did. 
Another thing to think about is the Cardinal's defense.  They have one the the best defense's in the league.  A guy like Tebow would have the offense putting more points on the board.  Even if they didn't put a whole lot more than they do now they would definately have alot less three and outs.  This would keep their defense off the field and keep them rested for the crucial parts of the game.  With Tebow the Cardinals would keep their sellout streak alive because at the very least Tebow will put fans in the seats at University of Phoenix Stadium.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

ESPN.....That was a good one

So Monday night during Sportscenter ESPN made a hilarious mistake.  But before everyone gets in an uproar they apolgized for it later on during the show.  If you've every watched Sportscenter you know that you can look on the side screen to find out what is going to be talked about next.
Of coarse its Monday night so everything is about the upcoming game.  ESPN was going to talk about Ben Roethlisberger and his up and down play.  A topic that hasn't been uncommon in the All-Pro QB's career.  People have even given it a term."Dink and Dunk".  Some people may have never heard the term, but after Monday's mistake most will never forget it.  ESPN wrote on their side view "drink and drunk".  A mistake, or a reference to all the partying and trouble he has been in during his career?  I'll let you be the judge of that.
I think what happened is a bit of a tradgedy for Big Ben.  I'm sure he is upset and mad at who ever made that mistake, even if it was on purpose.  I think this is so hilarious.  If Roethlisberger wouldn't put himself in situations that have people thinking something of a simple mistake this wouldn't even be a story.  Big Ben needs to realize he is being looked at with a microscope wherever he goes and whatever he does.  Grow up Big Ben and this story goes away faster then your concussion will.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Phil Jackson is a sore loser

The Laker's passed on Phil Jackson and hired Mike D'Antoni.  A moved that shocked several Laker fans as well as experts.  In my opinion it was a great move. D'Antoni is an offensive mastermind.  With Nash, Bryant, Gassol, and Howard they will be one of the highest scoring teams in the NBA.  He is a perfect fit for the Lakers and from a management stand point they got a high profile coach for alot cheaper than if they hired Jackson.
The reports from Los Angeles this weekend all said Jackson was the front runner for the job.  That it was his to turn down.  Jackson had a list of demands that the Laker front office thought was outrageous, so they passed on him.  Jackson was shocked by the decission and now says the Lakers went back on their word.  Saying they were giving him until yesterday to make his decission.  I think Jackson is a sore loser.
Whether Jackson knew it or not he was in competion for the job.  He probally was the front runner, but he lost to D'antoni.  Jackson wanted the job and thought it would be handed to him on a silver platter.  Let's think about it with all the talent the Lakers have who wouldn't want that job.  Jackson probally put his demands so high thinking the Lakers would counter with an offer he could live with.  The joke is on Jackson.  He never thought they would look elsewhere so fast.  Let me leave you with this question.  Do you think there still is a sour taste in Laker ownerships mouth after Jackson retired on them after the 2010 season?

Monday, November 12, 2012

We're tied! Let's just quit.

Week 10 in the NFL saw something that it hasn't seen since 2008. A tie. Yes a tie.  The San Francisco 49ers and the St. Luis Rams went into overtime tied.  They played a whole 15 minute quarter and tied.
A tie to most athletes is like a loss, when in reallity it messes up the standings.  This will become more evident at the end of the season when a team that wasn't involved in the tie misses the playoffs.  This happened back in 2008.  The NFL really needs to change this rule and let them finish the game.  Billy Bob Thorton said it best in the remake of the Bad News Bears, "A tie is like kissing your sister", and nobody wants to do that.  The NFL won't even think about changing the tie rule until it neggatively affects one of its babbied high profile franchises like the Cowboys or the Patriots.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

4th and 2!

Yesterday was a great day for college football.  Alabama got beat by Texas A&M thanks to great play from their QB Johnny Maziel.  Of coarse this shook the BCS standings.  Now Bama has to hope it can battle back into the title game.   While watching the games yesterday something that I'm not sure if I missunderstand the rules or I stumbled upon a huge coaching mistake happened.
Let me setup the scene for you.  The #4 ranked Fighting Irish of Notre Dame is visiting the lackluster Eagles of Boston College.  Even though there records are nearly opposite this is always a great game.
Boston College gets the ball first and cones up two yards short on third down.  They are now faced with a fourth and two deep in their own territory.  Its obvious they have to punt, and they do, a great punt that Davonte Neal has to back pedal to field.  Like any great punt returner he tries to make a play by running back and trying to out run a would be tackler.  He gets tackled at his ten yard line.  During the play there are two flags.  One at the line of scrimage and one near where the punt was fielded.  Here's where my confussion started.
Both penalties were on the Irish. Offsides before the kick, which Boston College declined.  The second penalty which they accepted was holding during the return, half the distance to the goal line.  So play went on first and ten Notre Dame at their own 5.  The color commomtator's didn't say anything about why they declined the offsides.  All the while, I'm screaming at the TV and rambling on about what a dumb coaching decission Boston College made.
I'll explain, it's fourth and two you except the offsides penalty, the five yards gives you a first down.  Maybe theres a rule I don't know about but if I'm correct Coach Spaziani really screwed up. The Irish took the ball 95 yards and scored on their way to a 21-6 victory.  Now Boston College may not have even gotten another first down on that drive but you have to wonder what would have been if they did march down and score.  Even a field goal. That small lead could have been enough to make the Eagle's believe they could play Cinderella for the day.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

College Football: Pac 12 week 11

Every week the Az Sports Guru will pic a different conference and make predictions for the upcoming week in college football.  We start with the Pac 12( Pac 10 if your old school)

The don't watch game.  
Oregon vs. Cal: This is the game to miss this week. Expect Oregon to score early and often. The Ducks have way too much talent for the Golden Bears. Oregon 63, Cal 10.

The Intriging Game.
ASU vs. USC:  ASU has a statement to make to the rest of the Pac 12 south.  They have had a great season, but have been struggling lately.  The Trojans have a great QB and it will be tough for the Sun Devils to keep him in check.  This may be the best game of the day to watch.  USC 38, ASU 35

The big game.
Oregon St. vs. Stanford: This will be an all out battle.  Both teams have good offenes and respectable d's.  This will go down to the last play.  The Beaver's look to keep their BCS hopes alive with a victory.  Stanford will finally get to show how good they are without Andrew Luck. Stanford 10, Oregon St. 6.

Friday, November 9, 2012

4 days

Just four days to vote for the most overrated athlete.  If you haven't voted yet look to the column on the right and give your opinion.  Feel free to leave comments as well.

No more Mike Brown in L.A.

If you haven't heard the Los Angelos Lakers have fired head coach Mike Brown.  They have started the season 1-4 and so because he coaches in L.A. its time to panic.  Some people may think that the front office is overreacting, but they play in a very tough Western Conference.  The move makes sense.  Brown's accomplishments aren't his wins or how often he gets into the playoff's.  His accomplishments are he once coached Kobe in L.A. and Lebron in Cleveland.  He hasn't produced any players or made anyone better.  The Lakers should hire Mike D'Antoni or Jerry Sloan.  They are a very talented team(when healthy) and anyone should be able to coach them to the playoffs.  If you don't get one of the two I previously mentioned then you need a high profile coach that can help you win a NBA title.
As for Mike Brown find a team that will showcase your coaching abillity.  A team that is sub.500 that way if you do take them to the pkayoffs you have over achieved and one day will get that high profile dream job again.  The Suns job should be opening up sometime this season.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The overrated Tony Romo

Perhaps the most overrated athlete in the NFL is Tony Romo.  He plays for the Dallas Cowboys, a team that expects to win every year.  Every season Cowboy fans think Romo is going to take them all the way to the superbowl.  Every year he lets them down.
Romo is an average quarterback at best.  He makes bad reads and tries to make something out of nothing.  He has decent talent around him,especially Jason Witten, and still doesn't win the big games.  The major problem with Romo is he is not a go to player.  When the game is on the line and the Cowboys put the ball in his hands he chokes.  There have been many games where he makes mistake after mistake and ultimately loses the game.
Alot of people are on the Tony Romo bandwagon and its because he plays for the Dallas Cowboys.  They are a high profile team and are expected to win just because they are so popular.  This is also why Tony Romo is so overrated.  The reallity is that if Romo played anywhere besides Dallas he would be an average no name QB.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

In boxing everyone talks about who is pound for pound the best boxer.  Some say Manny Paquiao some say Floyd Maywheather Jr.  One thing for sure is Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. is pound for pound the most overrated boxer in the business.  He has very huge shoes to fill in following in his dads footsteps.  Sr. was one of the greatest boxers to ever live.  And Jr. not so much.  He has been babysat when it comes to his fight schedule.  His fights have been hand picked to pad his record.  He has fought alot of no name guys and picked up easy wins.  The only tough fight he had he lost.  Chavez Jr. is a fading athlete in a fading sport.  In order for him to not be considered overrated he needs to fight a solid contender and convincingly beat him.  I hope he does this because it will be great for a sport that is being overshadowed by the UFC.

Magic's Great Anniversary

On this day 21 years ago, November 7, 1991.  Ervin "Magic" Johnson shocked the world and announced his sudden retirement from the Los Angelos Lakers.  He had contracted HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.  At the time we didn't know much about the disease.  We did know that you a person with AIDS would not live longer than ten years.  The reason for todays post is to celebrate and give props to the Laker great.  He is still alive and looks as healthy today as he did when he played.  Congrat's Magic!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Chris Bosh.....Overrated

One of the most overrated players in the NBA has to Chris Bosh.  He was lucky enough to be part of the big three that signed with the Heat two years ago.  He got a huge chunk of change and in my opinion he is the week link of the three.  Bosh has always put up good numbers, but he is not a go to threat.  He does not take control of a game.  Big time superstars will dominate a game and put the team on their back and lead them to victory.  For most of his career Bosh has been in the right place at the right time.  While in Toranto he had absolutely no help, so of coarse his stats are gonna look good.  Now in Miami he doesn't have to do much because of the talent around him.  He will still get his points because you would rather stop Lebron and D. Wade and let Bosh try and beat you.  Chris Bosh will be exposed for the overrated player he is when the Heat play ateam with quality young big men.

Monday, November 5, 2012


In sports you hear all the time, "he is overrated", " he's not that good", "so and so is better".  Let's take a look at the term overrated.  What makes someone overrated?  Who actually is overrated
Whenever an athlete steps foot and their field of choice there are certain expectations for that athlete.  As the player improves the expectations become higher.  Some people expect alot from an athlete based on prior experience.  The problem is when you expect improved performance from an athlete that hasn't inproved in enough areas to actually make the athlete better.  For example, a wide receiver who catches alot of deep passes but leads the league in dropped balls.(hashtag T.O.)  Good athletes are good at certain aspects of their sport and great athletes are good at all aspects of their sport.
Another reason an athlete is overrated is because they are too flashy.  They bring alot of attention to themselves.  You have players celebrating getting a first down or stealing a base, be a team player and celebrate your teammate making a good play.  These athletes are playing more for there own stats then the team winning. An flashy player would rather look good and lose instead of look bad and win.
My next three post will be of athletes that are overrated, Chris Bosh, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and Tony Romo.  Stayed tuned and let me know what you think.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Why The Sun's miss the playoffs

It's NBA time. Time for everyone to think rhere team has a shot at a tittle this year.  The reallity is that not many teams have a shot at an NBA championship this year.  One team that won't even make the playoffs is the Phoenix Suns.  The Suns their best player in the offseason in Steve Nash.  He is such a great player and teammate.  His court vision is what makes him the future hall of famer that he is.  Without Steve Nash the Suns lack leadership.   I'm sure someone will emerge as the team leader and put some w's in the win column for the Suns.  The only problem with that is they play in a very deep Western Conference and trust me the Suns can't afford to give games away due to lack of leadership.  Another reason is the Sun's don't have a superstart.  Michael Beasley may become that guy but right now he is not that guy.  Had the Suns went after James Harden they would have had that guy and with him being a former Sun Devil it would have put fans in the seats.  Another problem the Sun's have is they do not have a dominant center.  Yes when they get Channing Frye back he is a great player, but not a dominant center. And the reallity is he probaly won't see the court this season.  The one thingvthat favors the Sun's is they have a great coaching staff.  If the Sun's do make the playoffs its because of Alvin Gentry and company.  Let me leave you with this, if they don't make the playoffs expect Gentry to be at the unemployment office this summer.