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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Upset in the making?

We are about five minutes into the third of the USC-Notre Dame game.  Notre Dame leads 16-10.  With a win tonight the Irish punch their ticket to the National championship game on January 7, 2013. Most people assumed that the Irysh were going to have their way with the Trojans.  USC has had a bad year with an uncharacteristic four losses.
It no surprise that USC is giving the Irish a money for their nation championship money.  What should worry the Notre Dame faithful is this.  Notre thus far has controlled the clock and played well, but only lead by six.  USC has a QB making his first start that really isn't doing anything.  Yet they are still in this game.  The positive thing for the Irish is that Manti Te'o has done anything.  Before you get upset, let me explain myself.  Te'o will not go an entire game without making an impact.  Look for big Manti Te'o to make a huge play and end the Trojans dream of an upset.  He will make the play that puts the Fighting Irish in the national title game.

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