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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Why The Sun's miss the playoffs

It's NBA time. Time for everyone to think rhere team has a shot at a tittle this year.  The reallity is that not many teams have a shot at an NBA championship this year.  One team that won't even make the playoffs is the Phoenix Suns.  The Suns their best player in the offseason in Steve Nash.  He is such a great player and teammate.  His court vision is what makes him the future hall of famer that he is.  Without Steve Nash the Suns lack leadership.   I'm sure someone will emerge as the team leader and put some w's in the win column for the Suns.  The only problem with that is they play in a very deep Western Conference and trust me the Suns can't afford to give games away due to lack of leadership.  Another reason is the Sun's don't have a superstart.  Michael Beasley may become that guy but right now he is not that guy.  Had the Suns went after James Harden they would have had that guy and with him being a former Sun Devil it would have put fans in the seats.  Another problem the Sun's have is they do not have a dominant center.  Yes when they get Channing Frye back he is a great player, but not a dominant center. And the reallity is he probaly won't see the court this season.  The one thingvthat favors the Sun's is they have a great coaching staff.  If the Sun's do make the playoffs its because of Alvin Gentry and company.  Let me leave you with this, if they don't make the playoffs expect Gentry to be at the unemployment office this summer.

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