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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Whisenhunt's days are numbered in Arizona

The Arizona Cardinals started the season 4-0.  Expectations were very high.  Then they went to St/ Louis to play the Rams in a Thursday night game.  They suffered their first loss.  They played the Rams again today, and they lost again.  The bad part is that in-between the two losses they lost five other games.  They are now 4-7 and you have to wonder how much longer Ken Whisenhunt will be the head coach for the Cardinals.
He has a reputation for pulling a guy if he is not producing.  He has not produced as a coach and its time for him to go.  A few weeks ago he stressed change is coming and probably in hopes of saving his job.  He brought in a rookie QB in what many feel was too soon.  The rookie, Ryan Lindley looked awful today.  He has no timing with his receivers and made bad read after bad read.  He threw four interceptions, two which were returned for touchdowns.
When a team is on a long losing streak such as the Cardinals, everyone wants someone to blame.  A scape goat.  Whisenhunt is such a great coach that he has never been the blame to the media.  There have been many others to blame.  They started the season with QB questions that seem like they will never go away.  They have two young tackles on both sides of the line that have not protected the QB's at all.  Their running backs have taken turns being hurt and it has forced the Cards to rely on their number three and four running back.  In order to keep fans happy the front office is going to have to do something to show they are committed to winning.  A few weeks ago they could have sent that message by firing line coach Russ Grim.  Whisenhunt is a loyal guy and didn't.  That may cost all of his coaches their jobs.  Its too late to let go of Grimm because now the problem is way bigger than just the offensive line.  The other reason is when they started Potter at tackle and he held his own it showed that Grimm can produce young talent.  Whisenhunt has five games left this season, if he's lucky, to prove he is worthy of being the Cardinals coach in2013.

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  1. the Cards are just bad and it starts with the owners and there decisions. compare them to the Steelers.O line injuries, Qb injuries. they seemed to be falling apart at the worst time, but yet they still pull together , back ups step up and still in hunt for the playoffs in a very tough division. Starts with top notch owners that make the right decisions.