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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Why you need a great QB

As we count down the final days of November and start preparing for the holidays, the NFL is getting ready for the playoffs.  We are entering week 13 and a lot of teams still have hope for the playoffs.  Some dreams will be dashed this week and others will start to become reality.  If a team wants to go far in the playoffs they need a superstar QB taking snaps from under center.
History has proven that to win championships in this league you need a take control dominant quarterback.  All the top teams in the NFL have a great signal caller, a coach on the field.  Every team that is projected to get into to the playoff has a great QB, for example Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Matt Ryan and Matt Schaub.  These guys are able to single handily help there team win a game.  Teams that are on the bubble or already out of playoff contention are struggling at QB.  The Eagles and the Cowboys come to mind .  Other teams are good depending on the play of their quarterback such as the Cowboys and the Steelers.  The Redskins for example have a great QB that is finally clicking with the rest of his team.  With Pierre Garcon back in the line up and on fire look for Washington to make a significant run at the playoffs and who knows maybe even the Super Bowl.
Regardless of how this season turns out a great QB is going to make a play that decides the outcome of the game and propel his team to great success.


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  2. Topic idea name a list of Superbowl teams that won with a average QB. by the thinker