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Friday, November 23, 2012

The territorial Cup

Today is the newest installment of one of the oldest rivalries in college football.  Arizona State travels down the I-10 to visit the University of Arizona.  These games means so much to both programs and the players that are in it.  Every year when these teams meet it is an all out battle for the right to take home the Territorial Cup.
The Wildcats of Arizona are 7-4 and ranked 24 nationally.  They have a very high powered offense powered by hometown running back Ka'deen Carey.  He is literally running over the competition and piling on the all purpose yards at the same time.  They also have a talented QB in Matt Scott.  If the Wildcats want to win they are going to have to put pressure on the ASU QB and get on the scoreboard early.
ASU is 6-5 and looking to avoid another non winning season with a victory tonight.  They led by a dual threat at QB and a freshman running back.  D.J. Foster is also a hometown kid who is having a great season.  If there stud defensive lineman Will Sutton has a good game it will be a long night for the Wildcats.
The intriguing factor in tonights game is the coaches.  Both first year coaches trying to restart programs that have been down hill the last few years.  The ironic part is that ASU coach Todd Grahm used to work under U of A coach Rich Rodrigues at West Virginia.  If you read Grahm's ASU bio it doesn't mention that he worked under Rodriguez.  And that might be because Rodriguez fired him.  To add fuel to the fire two of Grahm's assistant last year at Pittsburgh left to be reunited with Rodriguez.  Grahm was not happy and let the media know how disappointed he was that they jumped ship.  Then he left two weeks later. I guess its ok to for the pot to call the kettle black sometimes.

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