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Sunday, November 11, 2012

4th and 2!

Yesterday was a great day for college football.  Alabama got beat by Texas A&M thanks to great play from their QB Johnny Maziel.  Of coarse this shook the BCS standings.  Now Bama has to hope it can battle back into the title game.   While watching the games yesterday something that I'm not sure if I missunderstand the rules or I stumbled upon a huge coaching mistake happened.
Let me setup the scene for you.  The #4 ranked Fighting Irish of Notre Dame is visiting the lackluster Eagles of Boston College.  Even though there records are nearly opposite this is always a great game.
Boston College gets the ball first and cones up two yards short on third down.  They are now faced with a fourth and two deep in their own territory.  Its obvious they have to punt, and they do, a great punt that Davonte Neal has to back pedal to field.  Like any great punt returner he tries to make a play by running back and trying to out run a would be tackler.  He gets tackled at his ten yard line.  During the play there are two flags.  One at the line of scrimage and one near where the punt was fielded.  Here's where my confussion started.
Both penalties were on the Irish. Offsides before the kick, which Boston College declined.  The second penalty which they accepted was holding during the return, half the distance to the goal line.  So play went on first and ten Notre Dame at their own 5.  The color commomtator's didn't say anything about why they declined the offsides.  All the while, I'm screaming at the TV and rambling on about what a dumb coaching decission Boston College made.
I'll explain, it's fourth and two you except the offsides penalty, the five yards gives you a first down.  Maybe theres a rule I don't know about but if I'm correct Coach Spaziani really screwed up. The Irish took the ball 95 yards and scored on their way to a 21-6 victory.  Now Boston College may not have even gotten another first down on that drive but you have to wonder what would have been if they did march down and score.  Even a field goal. That small lead could have been enough to make the Eagle's believe they could play Cinderella for the day.

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