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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Phil Jackson is a sore loser

The Laker's passed on Phil Jackson and hired Mike D'Antoni.  A moved that shocked several Laker fans as well as experts.  In my opinion it was a great move. D'Antoni is an offensive mastermind.  With Nash, Bryant, Gassol, and Howard they will be one of the highest scoring teams in the NBA.  He is a perfect fit for the Lakers and from a management stand point they got a high profile coach for alot cheaper than if they hired Jackson.
The reports from Los Angeles this weekend all said Jackson was the front runner for the job.  That it was his to turn down.  Jackson had a list of demands that the Laker front office thought was outrageous, so they passed on him.  Jackson was shocked by the decission and now says the Lakers went back on their word.  Saying they were giving him until yesterday to make his decission.  I think Jackson is a sore loser.
Whether Jackson knew it or not he was in competion for the job.  He probally was the front runner, but he lost to D'antoni.  Jackson wanted the job and thought it would be handed to him on a silver platter.  Let's think about it with all the talent the Lakers have who wouldn't want that job.  Jackson probally put his demands so high thinking the Lakers would counter with an offer he could live with.  The joke is on Jackson.  He never thought they would look elsewhere so fast.  Let me leave you with this question.  Do you think there still is a sour taste in Laker ownerships mouth after Jackson retired on them after the 2010 season?

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