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Thursday, November 8, 2012

The overrated Tony Romo

Perhaps the most overrated athlete in the NFL is Tony Romo.  He plays for the Dallas Cowboys, a team that expects to win every year.  Every season Cowboy fans think Romo is going to take them all the way to the superbowl.  Every year he lets them down.
Romo is an average quarterback at best.  He makes bad reads and tries to make something out of nothing.  He has decent talent around him,especially Jason Witten, and still doesn't win the big games.  The major problem with Romo is he is not a go to player.  When the game is on the line and the Cowboys put the ball in his hands he chokes.  There have been many games where he makes mistake after mistake and ultimately loses the game.
Alot of people are on the Tony Romo bandwagon and its because he plays for the Dallas Cowboys.  They are a high profile team and are expected to win just because they are so popular.  This is also why Tony Romo is so overrated.  The reallity is that if Romo played anywhere besides Dallas he would be an average no name QB.


  1. LOL Hater. Tony Romo is a top 10 qb in the NFL deal with it hater. You didn't even added any facts to back up your un original romo hating post.

  2. I heard Tony romo is the all time td passes for Dallas. The thinker