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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Chris Bosh.....Overrated

One of the most overrated players in the NBA has to Chris Bosh.  He was lucky enough to be part of the big three that signed with the Heat two years ago.  He got a huge chunk of change and in my opinion he is the week link of the three.  Bosh has always put up good numbers, but he is not a go to threat.  He does not take control of a game.  Big time superstars will dominate a game and put the team on their back and lead them to victory.  For most of his career Bosh has been in the right place at the right time.  While in Toranto he had absolutely no help, so of coarse his stats are gonna look good.  Now in Miami he doesn't have to do much because of the talent around him.  He will still get his points because you would rather stop Lebron and D. Wade and let Bosh try and beat you.  Chris Bosh will be exposed for the overrated player he is when the Heat play ateam with quality young big men.

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