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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

ESPN.....That was a good one

So Monday night during Sportscenter ESPN made a hilarious mistake.  But before everyone gets in an uproar they apolgized for it later on during the show.  If you've every watched Sportscenter you know that you can look on the side screen to find out what is going to be talked about next.
Of coarse its Monday night so everything is about the upcoming game.  ESPN was going to talk about Ben Roethlisberger and his up and down play.  A topic that hasn't been uncommon in the All-Pro QB's career.  People have even given it a term."Dink and Dunk".  Some people may have never heard the term, but after Monday's mistake most will never forget it.  ESPN wrote on their side view "drink and drunk".  A mistake, or a reference to all the partying and trouble he has been in during his career?  I'll let you be the judge of that.
I think what happened is a bit of a tradgedy for Big Ben.  I'm sure he is upset and mad at who ever made that mistake, even if it was on purpose.  I think this is so hilarious.  If Roethlisberger wouldn't put himself in situations that have people thinking something of a simple mistake this wouldn't even be a story.  Big Ben needs to realize he is being looked at with a microscope wherever he goes and whatever he does.  Grow up Big Ben and this story goes away faster then your concussion will.

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