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Friday, November 16, 2012

Magic's mistake

Magic Johnson doesn't like the decision made by the Laker's to hire Mike D'Antoni over Phil Jackson.  He tweeted on Wednesday, "The reason I haven't tweeted in two days is because I've been mourning Phil Jackson not being hired as the Lakers head coach".  Are you serious Magic. For one Jackson isn't god and whether you want to believe it or not D'Antoni is a suitable person for the job.  And just about two hours ago the LA Times released an article saying that Magic says Laker fan should support D'Antoni.  Of coarse they should he's going to win them a title.
In the article Magic says that the decision has been made so we should support him. Of coarse he did this via tweeter.  In an interview Mike D'Antoni said he was going to reach out to Magic. I'm sure he did because Magic thanked him for reaching out and said he looks forward to talking to you.  I think that was the reason Magic changed his mind.  Him making as big a deal as he did  over a coach that alot of people think is going to do a good job is making him look bad.  And when the Lakers win the title in June he is going to look even worse.  I understand Magic is one of the greatest Lakers to ever wear the uniform, but lets be honest with ourselves he isn't the owner or GM.  Who cares what Magic thinks.

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