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Friday, November 30, 2012

Very Interesting!

Isn't it weird how much of an impact sports has on our everyday life.  Sports makes people that otherwise wouldn't even talk seem like they are the best of friends.  You always see people giving there input about sports to pretty much anyone who will listen.  The interesting thing is for them to find someone who will listen.
The other day I was in the mall and walked into the sports store and the two workers were talking about football.  My instinct was to jump right in and start giving my opinion.  I was with my wife and kids and decided not too.  Until one of the guys said something that I totally disagreed with.  The not so smart mall worker said that RGIII is not even a top 15 quarterback in the NFL.  I value people's opinion and firmly believe everyone has a right to their own.  But it bothers' me when people say things and have no evidence to back it up.  His main argument was that Grffin III is just a rookie and hasn't finished a whole season.  He compared him with Cam Newton saying Newton started off great and look at him now.  What a fool.
In one of my earlier blogs I too said RGIII is like Newton, the only difference is RGIII is good.  If you look at his stats he has only thrown three pics all season.  He has well over 2,000 passing yards.  That alone puts him in the top 15.  Then when you consider how his play has lifted the play of his teammates and they are still in contention for a playoff spot.  They may even win the NFC East.  Something else that puts RGIII in the top 5 is that he has played all 11 games this season.  If you look at the QB's as of today there is no reason not to put RGIII in the top 10.  Needless to say I did not purchase anything at that sports store.

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