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Saturday, November 17, 2012

College Football: The top 5 week 12

Today we look at the top 5 teams in the country.  These teams all are still alive int the hunt for the BCS Championship.  Good luck to all.
#5 Georgis vs. Georgia Southern
On paper these teams look identical.  Goergia Southern even has better stats in some areas.  But there is a reason you haven't heard much about them all year.  They are having a great season but no upset today.
Georgia 49, Georgia Southern 12

#4 Alabama vs. Western Carolina
This will be short and to the point. The Crimson Tide is pissed coming off a loss.  The Catamounts are going to get crushed.  Oh and before you ask a Catamount is a large wildcat or cougar.  I spent more tine looking that up then they will spend in the endzone.
Alabama 70, Western Carolina 0

#3 Notre Dame vs. Wake Forrest
We have a very slim chance of an upset here.  The country is just waiting for the Irish to slip up and with a big game against USC  a week away it may happen.  My prediction, no upset this week.
Notre Dame 31, Wake Forrest 10

#2 Oregon vs. #13 Stanford
This is a big time match up in the Pac 12.  Look for this to go down to the last drive.  Oregon has a high powered offense and Stanford has a great defense..  This may be the upset no one sees coming.
Stanford 38, Oregon 35

#1Kansas St. vs Baylor

Boy is Kansas St. lucky RG3 plays for the Redskins this season.  Kansas St. isn't worthy of a number ranking but Baylor is no match for the wildcats.  Kansas St. is going to have their way today.  Baylor may score a few touchdowns but will give up a whole lot more.
Kansas St. 45, Baylor 14

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