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Friday, November 23, 2012

Redskins beat Cowboys

I hope everybody enjoyed their Thanksgiving.  I know RGIII and the Redskins nation did.  The Redskins absolutely destroyed the Cowboys int the first half and hung on for a 38-31 win.  This win was huge for the Redskins in many aspects.
First and foremost it keeps Washington's playoff hopes alive.  They are now 5-6 and tied for second in the NFC East.  They can get some help this Sunday if the Packers can knock off the Giants.  Washington's next game is December 3 against the Giants.  The Redskins could possibly be playing for share of the conference lead.  They still play all three division opponents one more time so it will be interesting to see if the redskins can make the playoffs.
Another thing that made the win yesterday so much more better is that the Redskins had not beaten the Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day.  They were 0-6 in previous games.  RGIII continued his great play and threw for four more touchdowns.  That's eight in two weeks against division opponents.  I'm not sure if that's ever been done, and probably not for a rookie.  The bottom line is if RGIII continues to stay on fire like he has been and get the Redskins to the playoffs its going to be really hard not to give him Rookie of the Year and MVP honors.
The best thing about the win over the Cowboys is that it gives Redskins fans something to hope for.  Piere Garson is back with a vengeance.  He had a breakout game along with Santana Moss.  The Redskins have a very talented defense and a solid offensive line.  They have a superstar QB, one of the top rushers in the league, a very fast WR(one of the fastest in the NFL) and a kicker who hasn't missed a field goal yet.  And I'll leave you with this though.  Those players are all rookies.  If not this year look for the Redskins to contend for a Superbowl.

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