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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Training Coming To A Close

So it's the last week of Spring Training here in the Valley of thee Sun.  If you did not take in a game these last few weeks, you truly missed out,
Spring Training for true baseball fans is more than just practice and preparation for the upcoming season. It's a chance for fans to truly be a part of the game that America loves so much. I recently went to a game at Maryvale Baseball Stadium, here's my story.
My mother was given tickets to a game and so myself,  my wife, my daughter and my mom loaded up in our truck for an afternoon of baseball in Arizona.  We easily found parking and were there in time for the National Anthem.  We grabbed  some snacks and headed for our seats. To our amazement we had extremely good seats.  The first roe above the dugout, compliments of my wonderful aunt. We were on the visitors side, which happened to be the Dodgers dugout. It was a great site to see. The batter was so close that the guy next to me had a glove and warned me to watch for line drives.  The game itself was to exciting, just one home run.  It was the atmosphere that made the game fun.  After each inning the Dodger first baseman would run back to the dugout, someone would throw him a ball and he would toss it to a fan.  During the game my wife was one of the lucky fans to get a ball.  I consider myself a fan of baseball so I naturally had fun.  My wife and daughter are not but they too had a blast.  We had great seats, good snacks and "Lemonade Lemonade like grandma made." If you have ever been to a Dbacks game you'll understand. Nonetheless you couldn't ask for a better day,

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Suns Making Basketball Fun Again

The Phoenix Suns have been through a tough season so far this season. They made a coaching change earlier this season and are not gonna make the playoffs.  Many people, including myself have criticized the front office for the moves that were made.
The Suns are definitely going in the wromg direction. They are a decent team but lack that go to, superstar player.  When the game is on the line they don't have a player that is going to take over.Many fans have put the once beloved Suns on the backburner becuase of this.

I went to a Suns game last night and if you don't catch at least one game this season you are truly missing out.  The Suns got blown out by the Nuggets, but for me and my family that didn't matter. With all the other things going on we truly enjoyed ourselves. The Suns have managed to make going to a game fun again. The have Suns dancers, giveaways, contest, and music playing duruing the game. They put as many fans ad possible on the jumbo tron and even had a few celebrities in the house. Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terell Suggs and a couple Kansas City Royals enjoyed the game. It was a great time and just when we thought it couldn't get any better the Phoenix Suns Gorilla dazzled us with his funny antics and awesome dunks.