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Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Arizona Cardinals Playoff Chances

So its week 17 in the NFL and the road to the playoffs is as hot as its ever been.  This holds especially true for the Arizona Cardinals.  The Cardinals go in to week 17 with a 10-5 record.  They will host the San Francisco 49ers in hopes of making the playoffs this season.  Not only do the Cardinals need a win over their division rival but they also need a little bit of help.  The Cardinals only make the playoffs with a win Sunday and a New Orleans saints loss.  The Saint's play the 4-11 Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  I know it doesn't look good for the Arizona Cardinals, but stranger things have happened in the NFL.  Tampa Bay even with a bad record has been playing well the last few weeks.  They are a team that was in every game regardless of the outcome.  The other factor is the Saint's.  They having been playing horrible the last few weeks and after last weeks loss you have to wonder if they are beginning to doubt themselves.
Regardless of what happens Sunday the Cardinals have a lot to be proud of.  Under a first year head coach and an aging mediocre quarterback they are going to at least win 10 games.  They have had a lot of young guys step up and have great seasons.  This gives Cardinal fans something to look forward to in the future.  As good as they are my prediction is that they beat the 49ers by a field, but don't get in the playoffs because the Saints beat the Bucs.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

It's Time To Be Thankful..........For The Bidwill's?

Not very many people realize but the Arizona Cardinals are the oldest franchise in football.  They originated in 1898 as the Morgan Athletic Club.  In 1920 they were one of four teams to start the NFL.  The Cardinals have been owned by the same family since 1932, the Bidwill's.  Only the New York Giant's and the Chicago Bears have been owned by the same family longer.  The team has been in Chicago, St. Luis and now here in Arizona.  While researching I found out a few interesting things.  Violet Bidwill had her business partner run the team after her husband Charles died.  She then got remarried to a St. Luis business man and moved the team there 11 years later.  Strange coincidence don't you think?  Her sons Charles Jr. and Bill then took ownership over when their mother died.  Charles sold his portion to Bill and he has been sole owner ever since.
While being the owner for 61 years Bill has taken a beating from the media, and for the most part it is pretty much well deserved.  The Bidwill's have been known for being cheap.  Bill moved the team from St. Luis and promised fans that he would lobby for St. Louis to get a franchise team.  When the vote came around he voted for the team to be given to Jacksonville.  This put a sour taste in a lot of St. Louis fans mouths.  Until recently the Bidwill's would not open up their wallets for any players.
Another thing most people don't know about the cardinal's is that Bill doesn't run the everyday operations of the Cardinals anymore.  His sons Michael and Bill Jr. run the team on an every day basis.  This brings me to my point.  Yes the Bidwill's are not the best owners in the NFL, they may not even be in the top 10 but they have managed to keep the Cardinals profitable for over 60 years.  If you ask me that's pretty good ownership.  The Bidwill's do what owners should do, the paperwork.  They handle all business side of football and let the players play and the coaches coach.  For those of you who still don't see my point it could be a whole lot worse.  Arizona could have owners that want to be in the spotlight and use favoritism to get focus on their team.  These owners would rather be in the headlines then have a winning team.  So Cardinal fans be thankful for the Bidwill's because it could be Jerry Jones or Daniel Snyder!  

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Are The Refs Really To Blame?

The hot topic in the NFL isn't the playoffs,  it's not even the amount of injuries there has been this season.  But instead most of the talk has been about the referees.  The refs have blown a lot of calls this season, so much that it has cost some teams games.  Now there is a saying in sports that goes, "if you have to rely on one call by a referee then you probably should have lost the game anyway".  This is true most of the time, but with all the bad calls lately and some refs seemingly not knowing the rules it makes you wonder how much of an impact those calls would make for a team fighting for a playoff spot if they were called the correct way or even reversed.
I get how sports goes for the average fan, if your team loses blame the refs.  But the reality is that there have been a lot of bad calls that weren't even looked at or explained by the NFL.  In case you didn't know the NFL does have a committee that reviews game film and even grades the referees.  The problem is that this info never goes public, so you never hear if a ref was reprimand for his actions.  When there is a mistake found the team is sent a letter of apology, the ref is made aware and the case is considered closed.  This lack of accountability is what makes everybody so mad.  If the NFL would add some sort of penalty for refs I think they would not catch so much crap every time a ref makes a mistake.
Everyone is quick to blame referees but lets really think about it for a minute.  Are the refs really to blame.  When the NFL was forced to use replacement refs there was such an uproar.  Everyone wanted the regular refs back.  So much so that it was almost like they were overlooking the bad calls they have made in the past.  They were willing to overlook that as if to say, you guys aren't that bad come on back.  Now sometime later everybody wants something done about these refs.  But what is it they want done?  Should we bring back the replacement refs?  I think not.  The way to fix this problem is to make the refs full time employees of the NFL.  When this happens you can train them and make them watch film all week long.  Then they will be more in tune with the rules and be able to at the very least believe and back up the calls they make, even if they are bad calls.  

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Reaching High Hopes, Or Another Season Of Jokes? A Cardnials Preview

Guess what everybody its that time of year again.  Yep it's football season.  Time to see what a new season brings for your team.  Eveybody seems to be excited about their teams chances and its no different here in Arizona.
Training camp started late last week and with all of the new pieces the Cardinals have assembled in the off season the fans have very high expectations this year.  The expectations seem to be high every year, but since Kurt Warner left the Cardinals have continued to put together disappointing season after disappointing season.  The Cardinals have a new coach, QB, running back and guard that plan to put an end to those disappointing seasons.  The Cardinals have a new coach, quarterback, running back and guard that plan to put an end to those disappointing seasons.

During the off season the Cardinals hired Bruce Arians to be their next head coach.  At first I wasn't to thrilled with the move, but as time goes by I think the Cardinals made a great decision.  Arians is a proven winner.  What he did last year in Indy is just short of a miracle.  The move is also good because Arians wasn't a household name.  That means not as much pressure to win as there would have been if a high profile coach would have been hired.  The Cardinal's brought in Buddy Ryan and Dennis Green and the results were horrible.  To say the least "they were who we thought they were".  Then when the Cardinals started winning and made it to the Super Bowl they did with a little known guy named Ken Whisenhunt.  I don't think its a coincidence that a big name coach can't win here.

After the Cardinals hired Arians it wasn't long before they acquired Carson Palmer to be their next QB. This is good for many reasons.  First they know who the QB is going into camp and for a team like the Cardinals it gives the coaches a chance to focus on the offensive line.  Second Palmer was the best guy available.  Sure you could argue that Kevin Kolb is as good or even better than Palmer but the bottom line is Palmer has not let Arizona down and many fans were left with a sour taste in their mouth from Kolb overall performance with the Card's.  And finally Carson Palmer is a good quarterback.  He is good but not great and certainly has the ability to become better here in Az.  Palmer is a proven veteran that has won in the past and with a target like Larry Fitzgerald he has a promising future.  The problem is that he will set his own legacy with the Cardinals.  The offensive line will.
The Cardinals also added Rashard Mendenhall at running back.  Mendenhall who like Palmer has came to the Cardinals to try and prove himself as still a good running back in the NFL..  The addition of Mendenhall is a good one because he is fast and can give the Cardinals 60 to 70 yards a game. If they can throw like most people think they should be able to that's all the rushing game will need to contribute.  Now I'm not saying the offense is going to ne the best in the league but I think the Cardinals will not have to rely on just their defense to get them out of trouble.
The strong point of the Cardinals for the last few years has been their defense and this year should be no different.  They were a very good under rated unit last year.  They definitely will miss Safety Adrian Wilson but if rookie Tyrann Mathieu really is a changed man we will soon forget about trusty number 24.  Mathieu, who no longer wants to be called Honey Badger, is very talented and is in the right place to turn his life around and have an effective rookie season in the NFL.

The Cardinals may not make the playoffs but they will definitely be a much improved team from last years disaster.  As far as the playoffs go, I feel they will go as far as the O-line will take them.  If the line allows the running backs to average 85 yards it will open up the passing game.  If this happens and they can split the season series with the 49ers and Seahawks they will be in good position to make a push for the playoffs.

Season Prediction:

The Arizona Cardinals, under first year head coach Bruce Arians will finish the 2013 champaign 8-8.  They will reach the NFL playoffs.  They will lose on the road in a wildcard game.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

All We Are Saying Is Give Tebow A Chance!

In case you haven't heard Tim Tebow was released by the New York Jet's.  Tim was the third string QB and with the Jets drafting Geno Smith everyone new his job was in jeopardy.  Tebow is not your typical QB and some think he should have played a different position.  I don't think Tebow is a great QB, he may not even be a good QB.  My only issue is that Tebow wasn't even given a chance.  The Jet's got him from Denver and never let him play.  Think about it, its no secret Mark Sanchez wasn't getting the job done so you go and pick up this guy that came off the bench and took his team to the playoffs and even won a game.  Tebow does all that and New York disgraces him by not even giving him a chance. 
When he was in Denver it was a no brainer, if you have a shot at Peyton Manning, you go get him.  But why get rid of Tebow?  Money? Doesn't fit the system? No. John Elway had a personal issue with him, which we will probably never know.  My best guess is that Elway didn't want Tebow to start winning and still his "thunder".  Well guess what, you are John freaking Elway, no one is going to still your spotlight!  Elway is just lucky Peyton worked out for the Broncos.

So lets look at this from a talent aspect.  Whether you want to admit it or not Tebow is very talented.  He has decent arm strenght and is above average running the football.  Many people knock his mechanics and throwing ability.  To that I say look at the last two QB's to come out of USC and a hand full of others that either lasted just one or two seasons or are career backups in the NFL.  When Tebow was drafted people said his style of quarterback will never work in the NFL.  Really, can you say read option! Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson and RGIII can.  Like these guys Tebow is able to extend a play with his feet.  Tebow will never be a Hall of Famer, but let's give him a chance and at the very least he puts a few extra fans in the seats, or he gets you into the playoffs like he did in Denver.  Now I know its a stretch to compare Tebow to the three previously mentioned QB's but if you stop and think about it its really not.  Tebow is a smart guy and very gutsy, willing to do what it takes to prove the nay sayers wrong, kind of like half of the QB's in this league.  So know one wants to give Tebow a chance at the read option, why not?  I leave you with this "would we think different if Tebow wasn't a white guy trying to be a Running QB?"  I wonder.  All we are saying is give Tebow a chance!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Time For College Hoops to Crown A Champ.

The madness is almost over. Tonight the NCAA will crown their  basketball national champs. Louisville takes on Michigan in what promises to be a very entertaining game. Louisville comes in as a number 1 seed and the favorite.  They have a very good defense, which has carried them to the tittle game. They will have their hands full when they tip off against Michigan.   Michigan is a very different team than Louisville.  They are an offensive oriented team that puts a lot of points on the board. A fast paced game will favor Michigan. This should be a fast paced game, and at the end of the night it will be Michigan cutting down the nets.

Michigan 78
Louisville 62

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Why Carson Palmer Will Win In Arizona

In case you haven't heard the Arizona Cardinals made a much needed improvement at the quarterback position.  They acquired Carson Palmer from the Oakland Raiders in exchange for a 6th round  draft pick. The move seemed to be inevitable when they released John Skelton the day before the trade.
The move makes perfect sense. While Palmer isn't the greatest QB in the NFL he certainly is a much better option than the QB's they currently have on the roster. Palmer is established and good lead a team with a good receiving corps, something the Cardinals have.
Palmer may prove to be the last piece to the Cardinals offensive puzzle.  Every one is questioning the play at both tackle spots last season, but now those guys aren't  rookies. They are a lot better this year. Add one more lineman in the draft and you will have a decent to above average line. They already have the best Wide Receiver in the league and there is real potential for Michael Floyd.  With the addition of Rashard Mendenhall at running back Cardinals fans can't help but image there team in the playoffs next season.
The Cardinals will with Carson Palmer under center next season. The big question will be can they hang with fellow NFC West foes Seattle and San Francisco? None of the experts would even dream of picking the Cardinals to win the West. The Cardinals always play good against the 49ers, so if they can start the season off as good as last season and stay consistent the rest of the year the Cardinals may be the surprise of the 2013 season.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Training Coming To A Close

So it's the last week of Spring Training here in the Valley of thee Sun.  If you did not take in a game these last few weeks, you truly missed out,
Spring Training for true baseball fans is more than just practice and preparation for the upcoming season. It's a chance for fans to truly be a part of the game that America loves so much. I recently went to a game at Maryvale Baseball Stadium, here's my story.
My mother was given tickets to a game and so myself,  my wife, my daughter and my mom loaded up in our truck for an afternoon of baseball in Arizona.  We easily found parking and were there in time for the National Anthem.  We grabbed  some snacks and headed for our seats. To our amazement we had extremely good seats.  The first roe above the dugout, compliments of my wonderful aunt. We were on the visitors side, which happened to be the Dodgers dugout. It was a great site to see. The batter was so close that the guy next to me had a glove and warned me to watch for line drives.  The game itself was to exciting, just one home run.  It was the atmosphere that made the game fun.  After each inning the Dodger first baseman would run back to the dugout, someone would throw him a ball and he would toss it to a fan.  During the game my wife was one of the lucky fans to get a ball.  I consider myself a fan of baseball so I naturally had fun.  My wife and daughter are not but they too had a blast.  We had great seats, good snacks and "Lemonade Lemonade like grandma made." If you have ever been to a Dbacks game you'll understand. Nonetheless you couldn't ask for a better day,

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Suns Making Basketball Fun Again

The Phoenix Suns have been through a tough season so far this season. They made a coaching change earlier this season and are not gonna make the playoffs.  Many people, including myself have criticized the front office for the moves that were made.
The Suns are definitely going in the wromg direction. They are a decent team but lack that go to, superstar player.  When the game is on the line they don't have a player that is going to take over.Many fans have put the once beloved Suns on the backburner becuase of this.

I went to a Suns game last night and if you don't catch at least one game this season you are truly missing out.  The Suns got blown out by the Nuggets, but for me and my family that didn't matter. With all the other things going on we truly enjoyed ourselves. The Suns have managed to make going to a game fun again. The have Suns dancers, giveaways, contest, and music playing duruing the game. They put as many fans ad possible on the jumbo tron and even had a few celebrities in the house. Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terell Suggs and a couple Kansas City Royals enjoyed the game. It was a great time and just when we thought it couldn't get any better the Phoenix Suns Gorilla dazzled us with his funny antics and awesome dunks.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Trade Deadline Comes and Goes

The NBA's trade deadline was Thursday and the big trade was, well nothing.  The trade deadline passed leaving fans to only talk about the what ifs.  Josh Smith stayed with the Hawks, which didn't surprise many people.  He is a great player but is an upcoming free agent who many think isn't worth the big contract he wants.  Elsewhere in the NBA there were some trades but nothing to really talk about.  This posses the question: Did the uneventful trade deadline prepare us for an uneventful post season in the NBA?

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How the Title game changes coaching.

The Super Bowl is in the books and it gave us plenty to talk about.  Funny how much of it is not football.  One thing about football that it did give us was the coaching decisions that were made on both sides of the ball.  These decisions definitely left some questions.  Why throw on fourth and goal if you have a QB like Kaepernick?  Why take a safety?  Big games always leave big questions in the fans minds.  This is because in big games especially games where something is on the line, coaches sometimes out think or out coach themselves.
I'll explain.  When you are coaching in a championship game you go in knowing what is a stake.  You start the mind games thinking lets do this, what if they do that, and I should do this because they don't think I will do that.  Coaches know that when the game is that big the outcome is usually decided by a play or decision that was made by one of the coaches.  For example a coach deciding to throw the ball on fourth and one when they have a very good running back that could probably get them that yard.  This is what happened in the Super Bowl.  The Ravens were simply coached better the the 49ers.  John made better decision then Jim did.  If Jim would have given the ball to Frank Gore 30 times he would be the brother with the Super Bowl Trophy.  He also should have at the very least rolled Kaepernick out on fourth down to get the defense thinking shoot this guy might run the ball and that split second of second guessing may have given the 49ers the open receiver they needed.  Where John really outsmarted his brother is when he had his punter run around the back of the end zone for a few seconds and take a safety.  Jim did not see that coming and a play that should have lasted about 4 seconds ended lasting 8 and giving the 49ers no chance for a last second hail mary.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII prediction!

The game is finally here! We are hours away from kickoff and now its time to focus on the football. For the last six days you have heard everything imaginable about the Super Bowl.  Now its time to hear about the actual game.
The 49ers are favored to win. They have not lost a Super Bowl in which they were in. They are a franchise rich with history. The 49ers have very talented offense and a very under ratted defense. On the other side of the ball the Ravens have an awesome D and an under ratted offense.  This game is full of talent.  This game will be a battle for not only both teams but both coaches.
These teams are even matched.  This game will come down to the very end.  The quarterbacks are going to be a big part of the outcome. But look for another player to be the deciding factor in Super Bowl XLVII.  Perhaps Frank Gore or Ray Rice. Maybe Vernon Davis or Anquan Boldin.  The winner of this game is going to be the winner of the turnover battle, they are also going to be the team that wins the time of possession battle.
Both offense's are capable of doing this, so it is going to come down to whichever defense can keep the other offense off the field.  Ray Lewis and the Baltimore defense is more experienced and will prevail in Super Bowl XLVII.

Ravens 27, 49ers 24

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Brotherly Love

Sunday is the big game. Of all the 32 teams in the NFL only two remain and take the field Sunday to see who will be crowned Super Bowl Champions.  This games has something the forty six Super Bowls lacked, sibling rivalry.  For the first time in Super Bowl history two brothers lead their teams in the quest to be called the years best.
John and Jim Harbaugh will battle whits come Sunday. Although they have both been very
professional about coaching against each other there is a part of them that wants to beat their brother on Sunday.  They are both too competitive for them not to think that.  For those of you that have a sibling you understand the importance of beating them.  It is in our nature to want to be better than our sibling at what we do.  For John and Jim Harbaugh this is even more so for many reasons.  This is both of their first appearance in a Super Bowl, Both feel a win will propel them from good coach to great coach.  And both want to make their dad proud.  For a man it is the greatest feeling in the world to be able to have your dad accomplish such a great feat.  Their dad, Jack, was a college coach for over thirty years and knows what it feels like to win a championship.  Both of his sons want to bring a Super Bowl ring home to Daddy.  They both don't mind doing it at the expense of their brother.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Suns beat Lakers!

Last night in downtown Phoenix there was a big game in the NBA between the Phoenix Suns and the Los Anegles Lakers. In reallity it wasn't really a big game for anyone but the Suns. The game was on ESPN, mainly because it was Steve Nash's return to Phoenix.  The Suns came in with 30 losses and the Lakers were on a 3 game winning streak. The Suns won 92-86 in what many are saying is the biggest win thus far for the Suns this season.  An easy acomplishment when you've only won 14 others. Any way you look at it it was a very impressive win for Phoenix.
The Suns got a great performance from forward Michael Beasley, which he called his best game in a Phoenix uniform.  Kobe opted to get his team involved early and it seem to help. The Lakers built a big lead but Phoenix never gave up. They nade big shots at their free throws at the end that helped them pull off the upset.  It was a huge win for the Suns and a disapointing loss for the Lakers. Even though it was a disappointing loss for the Laker's they need to just move on and forget about it.  They are just begining a seven game road trip and are starting to get on a roll. After the allstar game this one will be forgotten. The Lakers will be playing for playoff position and the Suns will be playing for draft position.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Super Bowl Week!

Yes folks, its finally here. Super Bowl Week! This year should be an interesting one.  There are plenty of story lines for fans to choose from.  You have the Harbaugh brothers, Ray Lewis' last, you have the winningest playoff road QB and a QB that started the season sending in plays and holding a clipboard.  Then you have all the interviews and events that come along with Superbowl Week.  There will be alot of player sighting in NOLA, as they are calling it this year, and not just by the two participating teams. A lot of other players and stars will be in town for the big event.  If you watch any of the coverage you will find out certain things you didn't know about certain people involved.  These things may not mean anything but you may find them to be quiet entertaining. The next few post will be just that, Super Bowl facts that will be interesting of make you think wow maybe this person is kind of like the rest of us.  Some may be known to you already and some may surprise you.  Let me leave you with one. The Raven's are 3-1 vs. the 49ers. They are 12-7 if you count there time in Cleveland.

Monday, January 21, 2013

The hoax heard round the world!

In case you have been living under a rock the last few days you have heard about the Manti Te'o hoax.  So here is what we know so far. The girl Te'o called his girl friend died seven hours after his grandma. She has turned out to be a made up person.  Some reports say that Manti and his parents found  out in December and we don't know if or when they were going to make this public.  Deadspin reported last week about the story and since then we have all been in disbelief.
Whether you are a Notre Dame fan or not one thing is certain, Manti Te'o, before last week was an insperational athlete.  Now you have to ask yourself what you believe. This whole story, whatever the outcome, will damage Manti Te'o.  It will cost him millions in contract money and endorsements because this will definately affect his draft status.  This may not be all bad news though. Te'o, before last week was a projected top ten pick. He will slip a little but not out of the first round. If the right team gets him in the early to mid twentieth pick thats a steal and will be great for that team and their fans.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Say it ain't so, Lance

So this past Thursday Lance Armstrong did an interview with Oprah about his much publicized doping controversy.  He came clean about everything in an interview that lacked emotion. This has many people wondering why so many years later is he deciding to come clean. Armstrong finally admitted to doping. He said he cheated each of the seven times he won the Tour de France.  He also said that in 2005, his last Tour de France race, he did not cheat. A race he finished third in.  The interview was very intriging, but it did a lot of damage to an already dying sport.  Many people feel bicycle racing will not be a relevant sport until an american wins a national race without an accusations of doping.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

No Hall of Fame

This week in Major League Baseball we had the annual vote for this years Hall of Fame.  The voters are only allowed to vote for a player that is eligible.  To make a long story short the voters chose no one.  This is something that has never happened.  In case this sounds wierd to you, the reason is because most of the players eligible in some sort of way have been connec ted to steroids.  The voters decided  that none of them deserve the Hall of Fame.  Alot of experts are saying that you have to let these stars in the Hall eventually because of their stats and what they have done for the game.
I feel these players don't deserve to be in the Hall of Fame at all.  They are cheaters!  I realize that they have the stats to back them up.  Let's be honest with ourselves.  If some
of these players such as, Roger Clemons, Barry Bonds, and Sammy Sosa didn't use steroids how great would they actually be.  The bottom line is these guys took something to make them better. In any sport in any country thats cheating, and these players should never be allowed into the Hall of Fame.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hashtag Hashtag Hashtag

The Az Sports Guru is now on twitter!  Follow me for updates on whats happening in sports.  Also get some interesting feedback and ideas as I keep you up to date on all the greatness sports has to offer.  Hope to see you @theazsportsguru.  #great sports commentary.

Monday, January 7, 2013

National Championship Football.

All eyes of the college football world will be Sun Life Stadium tonight, site of the BCS National Championship Game.  The #1 ranked and undefeated Notre Dame Fighting Irish take on the one loss 3@ ranked Crimson Tide of Alabama.  These are two of the most storied programs in college football.  Besides being mentioned in movies such as Forrest Gump and Rudy they have won the most national titles of modern day college football.  Both teams are rich with tradition and are excellent on both sides of the football.
There are alot of big names to watch for tonight but the outcome will be decided in the trenches.  This will be an epic battle of o-line vs. d-line for both teams.  Whichever unit has the better game is going to be holding the trophy at the end of the night.  Alabama is probably going to send all five of their starting lineman to the NFL.  Notre Dames defense has given up -5 yards when their opponent has a gaol to go situation.  Look for this to be a game ever talks about for a long time.

Prediction: Notre Dame 17, Alabama 16.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Wild card Sunday

Today is the conclusion of wild card weekend and we got two great games on the schedule.  All three of the rookie QB's play today and we will soon find out which if any are for real.  Here's a look at both games.

Indianapolis Colts @ Baltimore Ravens
The story lines are out big for this one.  Will it be Ray Lewis last game as a Raven?  Will Andrew Luck be able to continue his great season and advance to next Sunday?  This is going to be a battle for the ages.  Both teams have had great seasons and deserve to win, but one will be going home today.  The defense will prevail today.  Ray Lewis should have a good game and help the Ravens squeak by the Colts.

Prediction: Ravens 13, Colts10

Seattle Seahawks @ Washington Redskins
Washington has won seven straight games and is a four seed hosting a first round payoff game.  That's big in D.C. especially considering that hasn't happened for the Redskins since 1999.  And yet Seattle is picked to win.  Which leads one to think, over achieving redskins or an overrated Seahawk team.  We'll soon find out when the two teams kickoff in a few hours.  Every one is billing this as a rookie QB sensation match up.  There is even a poll on twitter of who is gonna have a better game(@theazsportsguru).  But this game is going to come down to ball control.  Who ever has better clock management and runs the football better is going to win.  Lock for the other, seldomly spoken about rookie sensation Alfred Morris to have a big game.

Prediction: Washington 35, Seattle 27

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Barry Sanders is like Selena!

If you are any sort of football fan you should remember Barry Sanders.  He was a running back for the Detroit Lion's who retired way to early.  He retired healthy and just two years prior had signed a long term extension.  He was arguable the best running back in NFL history.  When he retired he was just over 1400 yards away from breaking Walton Payton's all time rushing record.  Emmit Smith later broke the record and to this day they are the only two with more rushing yards than Barry.  He rushed for over 1500 yards four years in a row.  He was amazing to watch and was dearly missed when he just up and retired.  If you really think about it Barry Sanders is like Selens Quintanilla!  In case you don't know who she is she is a Tejano Music superstar who was gunned down by her fan club president in 1995.  I know what your thinking, what the ....?  Barry Sanders was under appreciated and the fans of Detroit didn't realize what he did for them until he was gone.  Much like Selena who got more famous after she was murdered.

Friday, January 4, 2013

The Top Sports Story of 2012!

King James finally gets his crown!

The top sports story of 2012 has to be Lebron James winning his first NBA tittle.  As you may recall he teamed with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh to be the biggest free agent signees in sports history.  Many Clevland fans were disappointed in Lebron, as was alot of NBA fans in general.  They didn't like his if you can't beat them join them mentallity.  As thus the once beloved poster boy of the NBA became the man no one, including #The Az Sports Guru, wanted to see win a championship.
In his first season with the Miami Heat he made it to the NBA Finals and lost.  The Dallas Mavericks took the tittle from them and left many people, including the self proclaimed King, wongering if he made the correct decision.  Well in the 2011-2012 season he and his fellow team mates proved the nay sayers wrong by bringing the title home to Miami.  The question most people are asking is if they can do it again? But the more intriging question is how long will the Big Three stay together on the same team?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Top Sports Stories Number 2

The Rookie Quarterback
2012 was definitely the year of the rookie quarterback in the NFL.  5 out of the 32 teams had rookies under center for their respective teams.  3 out of those 5 are in the playoffs.  According to some sources those three are also in talks when it comes to MVP.  None of the rookie quarterbacks are going to the pro bowl but you can make a good argument for RGIII and Russell Wilson,  they both had better seasons and better teams then Can Newton of the Panthers.
Andrew Luck has surprised a lot of fans just because of his teams record and because he had big shoes to fill when he replaced Peyton Manning.  He is an accurate passer and a great decision maker.  RGIII is riding a 7 game win streak into the playoffs.  He is a very athletic player, makes great reads and runs well with the football.  His best attribute is he is a natural born leader.  He has put his team on his back and guided them to the NFC East title.  And he has done this by making his team mates better and proving to them that he is someone he can believe in.  That brings us to probably the most underrated of the rookies.  He has quietly made his team better every week and in some peoples eyes snuck into the playoffs.  He may have gotten a bad draw since He and his Seahawk teammates have to travel to Washington for their first round playoff game.  Wilson will have to have a more than perfect game to beat RGIII in his home stadium.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Top Sports Stories #3!

Pacquiao Gets knocked out!

Many people considered Manny Pacquiao as pound for pound the best boxer around.  Even though boxing is a dieing sport that's still a pretty big accomplishment.  Our number three sports stories of 2012 involves Pacquiao in an unfamiliar spot.  The canvas, yes the canvas.  In a December 8 rematch against Juan Manuel Marques( part 4 of their saga) Pacquiao was knocked out in the sixth round.  It was unbelievable that this fight ended in a knockout, but what was even more unbeleivable was how long Pacquiao stayed down.  He was down so long that some Pacquiao fans wondered if he was even going to get up.  That was probably the best boxing match of the year, and maybe the most disappointing.  Its disappointing because it pretty much puts an end to any thoughts of a Pacquiao-Maywhether fight.