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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Why Carson Palmer Will Win In Arizona

In case you haven't heard the Arizona Cardinals made a much needed improvement at the quarterback position.  They acquired Carson Palmer from the Oakland Raiders in exchange for a 6th round  draft pick. The move seemed to be inevitable when they released John Skelton the day before the trade.
The move makes perfect sense. While Palmer isn't the greatest QB in the NFL he certainly is a much better option than the QB's they currently have on the roster. Palmer is established and good lead a team with a good receiving corps, something the Cardinals have.
Palmer may prove to be the last piece to the Cardinals offensive puzzle.  Every one is questioning the play at both tackle spots last season, but now those guys aren't  rookies. They are a lot better this year. Add one more lineman in the draft and you will have a decent to above average line. They already have the best Wide Receiver in the league and there is real potential for Michael Floyd.  With the addition of Rashard Mendenhall at running back Cardinals fans can't help but image there team in the playoffs next season.
The Cardinals will with Carson Palmer under center next season. The big question will be can they hang with fellow NFC West foes Seattle and San Francisco? None of the experts would even dream of picking the Cardinals to win the West. The Cardinals always play good against the 49ers, so if they can start the season off as good as last season and stay consistent the rest of the year the Cardinals may be the surprise of the 2013 season.

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