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Saturday, July 30, 2016


The Arizona Cardinals had their first official practice of the 2016 football season yesterday. The practice was to exciting because there was no contact, but the crowd was as big as expected.

The expectations for the Cardinals this season are as high as they've ever been.  They have everybody back on offense and have added two key pieces in Robert Nkemdiche and Chandler Jones.  The team knows it's Super Bowl or Bust this season.

The pressure will be in the Cardinals and they know it.  They are one of the favorites to win the NFC and even the Super Bowl.

With Bruce Arians back as head coach you can expect that the Cardinals will be ready to meet those expectations. 

Thursday, July 28, 2016


The camp started Thursday for the Arizona Cardinals with players reporting.  There has yet to be a single practice and yet the NFL world is already talking about Patrick Peterson.

The all pro cornerback made the biggest appearance at training camp when he showed up via helicopter.  Yes you read it right helicopter.

Many people are amused but it makes me wonder are the Cardinals a little to confident? They are a favorite to make it to the Super Bowl and rightfully so.

But should they be pulling stunts like this?  I know they are a great team but they are not a great franchise.  Win a Super Bowl and continue to compete then you can all come to camp in a helicopter.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


It's Carl Hayden's second day of official practice for 2016 high school football season.  As you walk up you can tell your not in Chandler, Mesa or Scottsdale, and not because of the surrounding neighborhood but because you don't see fancy equipment, college recruiters or even parents watching their son's practice.

What you do see is a group of young men working to be the best they can be.  First year coach Randy Gross knows it's difficult to win in the Phoenix Union High School district, but he knows it's possible.

As I watched the team run their offense I noticed how in tune the offense was.  That's impressive for any team in their second day of practice but even more so for the Carl Hayden Falcons.

The team won just 2 games last year and was blown out in just about every other game.  But something changed when Gross took over the program.  He brought with him a group of very talented coaches that work well together and are teaching the team how to do so as well.

Gross believes his team will do well this season. Despite losing it's top lineman for the season they have a very talented center in Fernando Monroy.  Coach Gross called him "a great high school center."

Gross also has a quarterback, senior Jeremy Matos, that he trusts to go along with three talented running backs, including one that played on the line last year. Gross says he slimmed down for wrestling and the coaching realized he was athletic enough to make the switch to the backfield.  Gross encourages his players to play multiple sports.

Carl Hayden may not have a winning season or even make the playoffs but they are off to a good start in turning around a program that hasn't been to the playoffs since 1996.

They proved how much they are improving this summer when they placed second in the Phoenix Union 7 on 7 Passing League Tournament and 2nd in the Big Man Challenge. This will be a breakout season for the Falcons.

Monday, July 25, 2016


Former Arizona Cardinals defense tackle Darnell Dockett signed a one day contract with the team and retired the way he came in to the league, as an Arizona Cardinal.

Dockett played 10 seasons with the Cardinals and many fans are pleased with the move.  I have to question it.

Why was it so important to Dockett he retired a Cardinal?  Is it loyalty to the team? He signed with a division rival so I don't think that's the answer.  I remember the day he signed with the 49ers he went on a radio station that was not the Cardinals flagship and voiced his opinion of not being happy that they didn't make more of an effort to keep him.

So why did he do it?  I'll tell you why, to try and get in to the Cardinals Ring of Honor.  I'm not saying he doesn't deserve it, but don't scream loyalty when you have an anterior motive.

Sunday, July 24, 2016


Those of you that are familiar with Arizona high school football know of the St. Mary's Knights. They are not the power they once were but for a school as small as they are they are always on the radar.

St. Mary's is a school rich with tradition, from the game day mass to the gold pants during the playoffs. This season the Knights will start with a new tradition they want ended.  Starting the season with a new coach.

For the third straight season St. Mary's starts with a new coach.  But this season has a different feel to it.  They have a coach, Tommy Brittain, who is a proven winner.  They also have a strong core of seniors led by Jorden Blake, Abel Navarrette and Odua Isibor, who went to the state playoffs as sophomores and also know how to win.

The senior class is loaded with too much talent to mention.  The Knights will surprise this season simply for the fact that they are not a Chandler or Scottsdale school and will be over looked.  Add that to the talented team they have returning and they will be a sleeper team as a part of the new 4A conference.

Saturday, July 23, 2016


Get ready folks it's almost football season.  The NFL starts training camp and that means high school football is soon to follow.

In the shadow of University of Phoenix Stadium lies a high school not known for football,  but that is soon to change.  Raymond S. Kellis is poised to put it's name on the high school football nap.  It will do so with soon to be super star Josiah Bailey.

Bailey is just a junior but put up some impressive numbers in his sophomore season. He is a slot reliever and defensive back that had quickly made a name for himself.  At just 5'10 he had 610 reliever yards and 725 rushing yards to go along with 17 touchdowns.

Bailey is also anticipating a huge year on the defensive side of the ball.  Last season he had 13 tackles and 1 interception. He also forced a fumble in just four games and was selected honorable mention on the all conference team. He was also selected first team return man and second team wide receiver.

Kellis went just 3-7 but the team believes in themselves and can feel a change in the air at Kellis High School.  Watch out for Bailey and Kellis to surprise a lot of people this season.

Monday, July 4, 2016


NBA free agency started on Friday and we had some big changes like we always do.  None bigger than what happened earlier today when Kevin Durant decided to join the LeBron James crew.

Cleveland fans don't get to excited, he did not sign with the Cavs.  Instead he decided, like James did so many years ago, if you can't beat them join them.

Kevin Durant signed a contract with the Golden State Warriors that will pay him $54 million over 2 years.  He will now join Steph Curry and Clay Thompson to possible make a better Warrior team than this year's 73-9 team.

The signing may be great for Durant and of coarse Golden State fans but it sends a bad message to NBA fans across the world.  Players now of days would rather play on the same team as the guys they can't beat.  Like most fans I'd like to see players continue to improve themselves and try and beat them, not join them.