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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How the Title game changes coaching.

The Super Bowl is in the books and it gave us plenty to talk about.  Funny how much of it is not football.  One thing about football that it did give us was the coaching decisions that were made on both sides of the ball.  These decisions definitely left some questions.  Why throw on fourth and goal if you have a QB like Kaepernick?  Why take a safety?  Big games always leave big questions in the fans minds.  This is because in big games especially games where something is on the line, coaches sometimes out think or out coach themselves.
I'll explain.  When you are coaching in a championship game you go in knowing what is a stake.  You start the mind games thinking lets do this, what if they do that, and I should do this because they don't think I will do that.  Coaches know that when the game is that big the outcome is usually decided by a play or decision that was made by one of the coaches.  For example a coach deciding to throw the ball on fourth and one when they have a very good running back that could probably get them that yard.  This is what happened in the Super Bowl.  The Ravens were simply coached better the the 49ers.  John made better decision then Jim did.  If Jim would have given the ball to Frank Gore 30 times he would be the brother with the Super Bowl Trophy.  He also should have at the very least rolled Kaepernick out on fourth down to get the defense thinking shoot this guy might run the ball and that split second of second guessing may have given the 49ers the open receiver they needed.  Where John really outsmarted his brother is when he had his punter run around the back of the end zone for a few seconds and take a safety.  Jim did not see that coming and a play that should have lasted about 4 seconds ended lasting 8 and giving the 49ers no chance for a last second hail mary.

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