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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Suns beat Lakers!

Last night in downtown Phoenix there was a big game in the NBA between the Phoenix Suns and the Los Anegles Lakers. In reallity it wasn't really a big game for anyone but the Suns. The game was on ESPN, mainly because it was Steve Nash's return to Phoenix.  The Suns came in with 30 losses and the Lakers were on a 3 game winning streak. The Suns won 92-86 in what many are saying is the biggest win thus far for the Suns this season.  An easy acomplishment when you've only won 14 others. Any way you look at it it was a very impressive win for Phoenix.
The Suns got a great performance from forward Michael Beasley, which he called his best game in a Phoenix uniform.  Kobe opted to get his team involved early and it seem to help. The Lakers built a big lead but Phoenix never gave up. They nade big shots at their free throws at the end that helped them pull off the upset.  It was a huge win for the Suns and a disapointing loss for the Lakers. Even though it was a disappointing loss for the Laker's they need to just move on and forget about it.  They are just begining a seven game road trip and are starting to get on a roll. After the allstar game this one will be forgotten. The Lakers will be playing for playoff position and the Suns will be playing for draft position.

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