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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Wild card Sunday

Today is the conclusion of wild card weekend and we got two great games on the schedule.  All three of the rookie QB's play today and we will soon find out which if any are for real.  Here's a look at both games.

Indianapolis Colts @ Baltimore Ravens
The story lines are out big for this one.  Will it be Ray Lewis last game as a Raven?  Will Andrew Luck be able to continue his great season and advance to next Sunday?  This is going to be a battle for the ages.  Both teams have had great seasons and deserve to win, but one will be going home today.  The defense will prevail today.  Ray Lewis should have a good game and help the Ravens squeak by the Colts.

Prediction: Ravens 13, Colts10

Seattle Seahawks @ Washington Redskins
Washington has won seven straight games and is a four seed hosting a first round payoff game.  That's big in D.C. especially considering that hasn't happened for the Redskins since 1999.  And yet Seattle is picked to win.  Which leads one to think, over achieving redskins or an overrated Seahawk team.  We'll soon find out when the two teams kickoff in a few hours.  Every one is billing this as a rookie QB sensation match up.  There is even a poll on twitter of who is gonna have a better game(@theazsportsguru).  But this game is going to come down to ball control.  Who ever has better clock management and runs the football better is going to win.  Lock for the other, seldomly spoken about rookie sensation Alfred Morris to have a big game.

Prediction: Washington 35, Seattle 27

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