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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Super Bowl Week!

Yes folks, its finally here. Super Bowl Week! This year should be an interesting one.  There are plenty of story lines for fans to choose from.  You have the Harbaugh brothers, Ray Lewis' last, you have the winningest playoff road QB and a QB that started the season sending in plays and holding a clipboard.  Then you have all the interviews and events that come along with Superbowl Week.  There will be alot of player sighting in NOLA, as they are calling it this year, and not just by the two participating teams. A lot of other players and stars will be in town for the big event.  If you watch any of the coverage you will find out certain things you didn't know about certain people involved.  These things may not mean anything but you may find them to be quiet entertaining. The next few post will be just that, Super Bowl facts that will be interesting of make you think wow maybe this person is kind of like the rest of us.  Some may be known to you already and some may surprise you.  Let me leave you with one. The Raven's are 3-1 vs. the 49ers. They are 12-7 if you count there time in Cleveland.

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