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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Top Sports Stories Number 2

The Rookie Quarterback
2012 was definitely the year of the rookie quarterback in the NFL.  5 out of the 32 teams had rookies under center for their respective teams.  3 out of those 5 are in the playoffs.  According to some sources those three are also in talks when it comes to MVP.  None of the rookie quarterbacks are going to the pro bowl but you can make a good argument for RGIII and Russell Wilson,  they both had better seasons and better teams then Can Newton of the Panthers.
Andrew Luck has surprised a lot of fans just because of his teams record and because he had big shoes to fill when he replaced Peyton Manning.  He is an accurate passer and a great decision maker.  RGIII is riding a 7 game win streak into the playoffs.  He is a very athletic player, makes great reads and runs well with the football.  His best attribute is he is a natural born leader.  He has put his team on his back and guided them to the NFC East title.  And he has done this by making his team mates better and proving to them that he is someone he can believe in.  That brings us to probably the most underrated of the rookies.  He has quietly made his team better every week and in some peoples eyes snuck into the playoffs.  He may have gotten a bad draw since He and his Seahawk teammates have to travel to Washington for their first round playoff game.  Wilson will have to have a more than perfect game to beat RGIII in his home stadium.

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