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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Top Sports Stories #3!

Pacquiao Gets knocked out!

Many people considered Manny Pacquiao as pound for pound the best boxer around.  Even though boxing is a dieing sport that's still a pretty big accomplishment.  Our number three sports stories of 2012 involves Pacquiao in an unfamiliar spot.  The canvas, yes the canvas.  In a December 8 rematch against Juan Manuel Marques( part 4 of their saga) Pacquiao was knocked out in the sixth round.  It was unbelievable that this fight ended in a knockout, but what was even more unbeleivable was how long Pacquiao stayed down.  He was down so long that some Pacquiao fans wondered if he was even going to get up.  That was probably the best boxing match of the year, and maybe the most disappointing.  Its disappointing because it pretty much puts an end to any thoughts of a Pacquiao-Maywhether fight.

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  1. yes I agree Boxing is a dying sport. corruption governing bodies and judges, along with no American heavyweight contender makes it even a harder sell to American fans. Vegas still packs them in though. I was recently at the Chavez Jr. Vs.Martinez fight in Vegas. It was an awesome event. Next day I regreted attending and cheering for Chavez Jr. Tested positive for weed. things like this make boxing a dying sport.