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Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Arizona Cardinals Playoff Chances

So its week 17 in the NFL and the road to the playoffs is as hot as its ever been.  This holds especially true for the Arizona Cardinals.  The Cardinals go in to week 17 with a 10-5 record.  They will host the San Francisco 49ers in hopes of making the playoffs this season.  Not only do the Cardinals need a win over their division rival but they also need a little bit of help.  The Cardinals only make the playoffs with a win Sunday and a New Orleans saints loss.  The Saint's play the 4-11 Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  I know it doesn't look good for the Arizona Cardinals, but stranger things have happened in the NFL.  Tampa Bay even with a bad record has been playing well the last few weeks.  They are a team that was in every game regardless of the outcome.  The other factor is the Saint's.  They having been playing horrible the last few weeks and after last weeks loss you have to wonder if they are beginning to doubt themselves.
Regardless of what happens Sunday the Cardinals have a lot to be proud of.  Under a first year head coach and an aging mediocre quarterback they are going to at least win 10 games.  They have had a lot of young guys step up and have great seasons.  This gives Cardinal fans something to look forward to in the future.  As good as they are my prediction is that they beat the 49ers by a field, but don't get in the playoffs because the Saints beat the Bucs.

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