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Monday, November 19, 2012

Whisenhunt's untimely decission

Arizona Cardinal head coach Ken Whisenhunt has has a roller coaster 2012 season so far.  During last weeks bye week Whisenhunt said that change is in the horizon.  Like he always does he would not say what the change was going to be.  Everyone thought to was starting Potter at tackle.  No one saw what was coming.
During yesterdays game with the Atlanta Falcons it was clear he came in with a plan.  His plan was to bench John Skelton and put in the rookie Ryan Lindley.  His plan was to take Skelton out as soon as he made a mistake.  He missed Larry Fitzgerald wide open in the end zone and that sealed his fate.
Whisenhunt wanted to send a message to his team.  Do your job or hit the bench.  Where the controversy comes is thanks to great defensive play the Cardinals were on top 13-0.  Skelton was just 2 for 7 for six yards.  Skelton needed to be replaced but he should have been replaced before the game even started.  At the very least wait til Skelton gives up the lead.  Lindley came in and didn't do anything that Skelton wouldn't have done.  This was a bad coaching move that cost the Cardinals a game they so desperately needed to win.
I love Ken Whisenhunt's style of coaching, and I definitely like the fact that he will not hesitate to sit a player that isn't producing.  What I don't like is the timing of the QB change.  Lets face it the offense hasn't done anything this season.  When Whisenhunt said changes were coming everyone figured it was at tackle or running back.  What most people neglected to think was how poor the play from the QB position has gone.  When Kolb got the job he was looking good and had the Cardinals thinking playoffs.  Once he got hurt and Skelton got the job back most people counted the Cardinals out of playoff contention after one game.  The Cardinals can still make the playoffs, but they will have to go on a win streak.  This isn't unthinkable, everyone says defense wins championships and I've said before the Cardinals have the best defense in the league.  But honestly you can't win if you don't score any points.

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