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Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's Tebow Time! In Arizona?

Everyone is talking about the Tebow controversy in New York.  The play or lack of play by Mark Sanchez has prompted alot of Jet's fans to wander what Tebow can do for them.  There are some people that think he is no good including one of his teammates who has decided to cowardly remain anonymous.  Tebow hasn't seen much action in NY, but I think one thing is evident.  Tebow is not the right fit for the Jet's.  He just wasted a season by going to New York.  At the end of the season he needs to demand a trade.
This brings me to today's point.  The Arizona Cardinals need to do whatever it takes to get Tebow.  It's obvious that what they have isn't working.  Tebow would be a good fit for Arizona.
Think about it, until the Cardnal's get help at both tackle spots or the two young guys they have develope the QB is going to need to be mobile.  I'll be the first to admitt that Tebow is not an NFL quarterback, but he is very athletic and in a place like Arizona he can turn into one.  One think I think we can all agree on is that Tim Tebow knows how to extend a play with his legs.  He can get outside of the pocket and get rid of the football.  Now imagine this.  Tebow drops back to pass, gets presured out of the pocket and scrambles left.  Most Linebackers are going to come up looking for a kill shot.  Then at the last second Tebow hits Larry Fitzgerald coming back across the field to help.  Now Fitz has the ball in the secondary.  This may never happen but image if it did. 
Another thing to think about is the Cardinal's defense.  They have one the the best defense's in the league.  A guy like Tebow would have the offense putting more points on the board.  Even if they didn't put a whole lot more than they do now they would definately have alot less three and outs.  This would keep their defense off the field and keep them rested for the crucial parts of the game.  With Tebow the Cardinals would keep their sellout streak alive because at the very least Tebow will put fans in the seats at University of Phoenix Stadium.

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