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Tuesday, July 28, 2015


After several weeks of making the public wait the word was finally sent down from the NFL powers that be.  Tom Brady will remain suspended for four games for his part in Deflate Gate.

Brady had appealed the suspension some three weeks ago and because how long it was being dragged out most figured it would be reduced to two, if any.

The suspension is correct and it should not have been changed.  Brady broke the rules and needs to be punished for it.

Some will say its not fair and will cite other situations such as Greg Hardy or Ray Rice.  I say that's comparing apples to oranges.  The cases are very different and should be treated as such.  We should not lessen the penalty for one rule breaker because the other wasn't reprimanded appropriately.

Bottom line is this.  Tom Brady will come back from his suspension guns a blazing!  Watch out NFL i feel a Super Bowl repeat coming!

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