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Wednesday, July 29, 2015


New England Patriot's quarterback Tom Brady plans to appeal his four game suspension.  Now it is up to a Federal Court Judge to decide if Brady will indeed miss the four games the NFL has sat him down for.

Brady and the league had apparently came to a settlement that would have reduced the suspension to just one game.  As part of the settlement Brady would have had to admit to his role in the Deflate Gate incident.  Brady refused and so the league decided to keep the suspension at four games.

Brady is in total disagreement with the suspension.  In a Facebook post he wrote this morning Brady says that he and any member of the Patriots organization had nothing to do with the January incident.  Brady also denies any wrongdoing with his cell phone.  He says he simple switched phones and didn't destroy the old one despite what reports say.

Brady may be completely innocent in this whole thing but his cell phone mistressly not being available at the time of the Wells Report looks real bad for Tom Brady.

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