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Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Denver Broncos and the Super Bowl

When you think dynasty in football you often think New England Patriots or even Pittsburgh Steelers.  You think of those teams because them, as well as the Dallas Cowboys have been to the most Super Bowls.  When you think dynasty you rarely think of the Denver Broncos.  They will play in their 7th Super Bowl on Sunday.  Just one less then the before mentioned teams.  They also have one of the best QB's to ever play the games.  The reason Denver is not considered a dynasty is for two reasons.
First their record.  They are 2-4 in the Super Bowl.  Their 2 wins came back to back, which they are only the 7th team to do so. In their first 4 appearances they lost all of the games by more than four touchdowns.  Not a dynasty at all.  Unless your the Buffalo Bills.  Reason number two that they are not a dynasty is time frame.  Nine years past from their last loss to their first win.  And finally the Broncos are not a dynasty because they did not dominate.  Perhaps if John Elway had not retired the Broncos would have become a dynasty.
The Broncos won their two Super bowls very differently.  In Super Bowl XXXII the Broncos rode the legs of Terrell Davis to victory.  He rushed for 157 yards and three touchdowns as they defeated the Green Bay Packers.  In Super Bowl XXXIII it was John Elway and his 336 yards passing and one touchdown that led the Broncos to victory over the Atlanta Falcons.  Elway also played his last game and was named MVP.
This years version of the Broncos seems to have all the pieces that should lead them to another Super Bowl title.  It will be tough with Russell Wilson and the best defense in the league standing in the way.

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