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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rookie of the Year

Who is going to be the NFL's Rookie of the Year?  Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, or maybe Russell Wilson.  How about Alfred Morris?  For the first time in a long time we don't have a player that is running away with the trophy.  All of the above mentioned have a legitimate shot at winning the award.  I doubt it will be Morris only because he plays with RGIII.  I don't see anyone winning the Rookie of the year and not even being their teams MVP.
Andrew Luck probally has the chance to win it.  He is having a great season and making it easy for Colts fans to forget about Peyton Manning.  That is unless they meet in the playoffs.  Luck unlike the other three players is already in the post season and I feel many voters will choose Luck just to spite Peyton.
RG III controls his own destiny as he does with the playoffs.  Lets, for the sake of the argument say the Redskins win out and finish 10-6.  It's very hard not to give the Rookie of the Year to a guy that is on a seven game winning streak.  Even if they don't win out but make the playoffs he will get alot of votes because his style of play is a lot more flashier than Andrew Luck's.
This brings us to the underdog Russel Wilson.  He is extremely valuable to his team.  If he doesn't play well they don't win.  If Seattle gets into the playoffs voters have to give him great consideration before choosing someone else.

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