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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Why Super Bowl XLVIII Wasn't So Super

In case your not tired of the the Super Bowl talk, here is some more.  Overall I give the Super Bowl a C at best.  The Super Bowl was terrible in many ways.  As like every year there is much anticipation leading up to the Super Bowl.  This year was not any different and we were let down for four reasons.  The weather, the game, the halftime show and the commercials are what let many of us down.
The Weather
Many people might disagree with me when I talk about the weather.  Game time weather was great and when it did rain it was during half time and had no affect on the game.  True, but the week leading up to game was very cold and miserable.  People who attend the Super Bowl show up for all the events leading up to the big game.  Many people only attend those events because they can't get tickets to the game.  These events are always busy and packed with fans.  The bad weather just put a sour taste in many Americans mouths, making them wonder if the game was even going to be worth all the hassle.
The Game
The main reason the Super Bowl was disappointing was the game itself.  Many people thought we had an evenly matched game that would go down to the wire.  And we did, until the ball was snapped into the end zone giving the Seahawks a safety and a lead that they would never give back.  Thanks to dominating defense by Seattle this game got so out of hand that Russell Wilson was never given the chance to show he was as elite a QB as Peyton Manning.  The intriguing part is he never needed to.
The Halftime Show
Halftime shows are always hard for Super Bowl committees to fill.  With such a diverse fan base for the NFL it is nearly impossible to keep everyone happy when you decide on entertainment for the big game.  Bruno Mars was a decent choice.  Given the fact that he hasn't been a relevant star for at least a year I would have picked someone else.  The Red Hot Chili Peepers were added kind of last minute.  When they came out wearing just shorts and not showing how cold it really was in New York made the half time show watchable.
The Commercials
The commercials did not live up to their hype this year.  Alot of people watch the Super Bowl just to see the commercials.  Many times the commercials are the big thing talked about on Monday.  This year was a let down.  Many company weren't willing to spend big on the Superbowl and it showed.  Now don't get me wrong there was a couple of commercials that were good but we are used to seeing a Super Bowl filled with lots and lots of great commercials.
So there is my proof that Super Bowl XLVIII was a super let down.  The Super Bowl could have been a whole lot better in more ways then one.  the reality is its still the Super Bowl and the biggest sports event we have today.  So if I could go back in time to Super Sunday would I watch knowing its not going to be a great Superbowl?  You bet your life I would!  That's what makes football so great.

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