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Thursday, April 24, 2014

College Football And It`s New Playoff System

Beginning this college football season we will have a four team playoff to determine the national champion.  For you traditional football fans, don't worry we will still have plenty of bowl games to watch.  Here is how it's going to work.  College Football has selected a committee of 13 people that will rank the top 25 teams, stating midway through the season.  At the end of the season the top 4 teams will go to the playoffs.  On New Years Eve the number one team plays the fourth ranked team, while the second and third ranked teams play each other.  A week or so later the two winners will play for the national championship.
So I mentioned earlier that a 13 person committee has been selected to determine who makes the playoffs.  The committee consists of mainly Athletic Directors.  there is also a cuople of former coaches and even a former QB in Archie Manning.  There are plenty of familiar names among the committee, such as Pat Hayden, Tom Osborne, Barry Alvarez and Tyrone Willingham.  But probably the most famous name doesn't have any connection to college football.
Condoleeza Rice is a former Untied States Secretary of State and is one of the committee members.  I'm not sure why she was chosen, but it makes you wonder how much of a role politics will play in the selections process.  Rice may be very qualified to take on this role, but just the fact that she does not have a football background tells the average football fan that she is not qualified.  I wish the NCAA would have put more thought into this selections.  I wonder if she was chosen to have a women on the committee because she is the only female.  If this is the reason they could have picked a women that is connected to college football instead of a women that was in politics.

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