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Sunday, August 30, 2015


Friday night was the home opener for the Aztecs of Copper Canyon High School.  The stands were jammed packed with students, parent's and supporters of the football team.  This was also a special night for one young man in particular, J.J. Lyons.

Not only was this the home opener for the school, but it was also Lyons first game as an Aztec.  To top it off it was his first game as a senior year.  Lyons was not able to play last week in Tucson and came out this week ready to show his skills off to the rest of the state.

Lyons wanted to impress in his first time wearing a Copper Canyon jersey.  He did just that.  He caught a pass one yard inside the end zone for a two-point conversion.  The catch was after a great route and with two defenders guarding him.  He also scored on a 19 yard deep route where he ran passed two defenders for the touchdown.

Lyons had an all around great game as a receiver and return man.  The most impressive thing to me wasn't his stats,  it was his leadership.  Copper Canyon ended up losing to Sierra Linda 63-38, but if you watched Lyons on field demeanor you would have thought the game was a lot closer.  He kept his head up the entire game and made sure his teammates did also.  He and the team remained optimistic throughout the game.

Copper Canyon started the second half with a freshman at quarterback.  Lyons was seen a number of times talking to him and game planning what they were going to do next.  It helped a lot, despite two interceptions the QB had a pretty good game and looked very comfortable on the field.

Lyons good game despite a loss will help people start to notice how talented this young man is.  He definitely will be playing on Saturdays next season, the question is where?  He already has a number of schools looking at him, one of them being NAU.  If he continues his great play that number is sure to rise during the season.

The Aztecs will try to get their first win next week when they travel to Dysart to take on the Demons next Friday.  Dysart is 1-0 after a victory over Wickenburg.  Copper Canyon is now 0-2.   

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