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Thursday, March 3, 2016


It's almost time for free agency in the NFL.  Which means decision making time for a lot of teams. The Washington Redskins were one of those teams Tuesday when they used their franchise tag to keep quarterback Kirk Cousins around at least one more year.

The team will pay him a little more than $18 million next season.  This decision was also the final nail in the RGIII coffin.  The team will seek a trade just to get something for the former Rookie of the Year, but it won't be much.

The whole situations has me wondering, Cousins and RGIII turned pro the same year.  So why did the Washington Redskins draft Kirk Cousins?

They gave up so much to get RGIII but were they wondering if RGIII was the long term answer?  Why else would you draft another quarterback after you just put more value on the few picks you had left after the trade?

Drafting Cousins makes it look like even the Redskins second guessed themselves.  Now four years later they feel the made the right draft pick back in 2012.  But it's the second QB they took that has them feeling that way.

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