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Wednesday, December 14, 2016


If you ask who is the most disappointing team in the NFL thus far this season most of the answers you will get is the Arizona Cardinals.

At 5-7-1 the Cardinals have been eliminated from the playoffs.  That is very disappointing when they were picked to be one of the league's best this year,  many even had them penciled in as Super Bowl  participant.  They were in the NFC tittle game a year ago.  So why has this season been such a disappointment for the Arizona Cardinals?

This is a question that stirs up much debate but for me the answer is simple, Bruce Arians.

Ever since coming to Arizona he has been placed on a pedestal in Arizona sports and for most of his tenure rightfully so.  But to me this year he was on the "no biscuit" end of his popular phrase,  "no risk it, no biscuit".

Arians hasn't taken the risks he took last year and it shows with the teams record.

This will be called the most disappointing season ever for the Arizona Cardinals.  Fans will debate who to blame but at the end of the day the responsibility falls on head coach Bruce Arians.

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