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Thursday, March 2, 2017


The NBA season is nearing its end and here in Phoenix all we have to look forward to is the draft.  The Suns are doing there best to tank the rest of the season to ensure themselves a top draft pick.  Some people like the idea, but me,  i hate it!

Why would you throw your season away like that!

The Suns aren't a very good team to begin with so losing games isn't hard for them.  The thought of professionals purposely losing games just to have a very slight edge in the draft is ridiculous.  That is not how to properly rebuild your struggling team.

The Suns did absolutely nothing at the trade deadline except send the core of the team away in exchange for.....absolutely nothing.

The problem isn't the players or coaches.   Its management and starts with the owner.  Something needs to be done in the front office to show loyal Suns fans that they want to build a winner in Phoenix again.

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