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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Introducing The Az Sports Guru Blog

Hello everyone and welcome to The Az Sports Guru blog.  I have decided to start a blog that is all about sports.  It is my opinion but it is mainly for your entertainment and feedback.  I would ultimately like this to lead to a radio talk show gig, so I welcome any and all criticism as well as praise.  In this blog I plan to cover the sports topics that I feel I know alot about.  I will also cover topics that I feel will get people talking and hopefully will lead to good dialogue.  Please feel free to ask questions and participate in this blog.  This will help me as well as provide for and interesting blog.  I look forward to your support.  Enjoy.


  1. Ok, I got here through Jaime's Blog and from what i understood is that this is going to be about sports. When you say sports do you mean many sports or just football? I guess what I am getting at...are you going to talk Footba....Soccer?? American, Mexican, English, Spanish, Italian...etc. Just curious, becasue European football is in full swing and would love a place to have great discussions about it! Hope your game!

    Ernesto V.

  2. Sorry bro, while I will be covering a variety of sports I will only be covering American football. I would love to cover the others but don't know enough about them. It wouldn't be fair to my readers.

    1. Well it was worth a shot, I recommend Football, great sport with the worlds best rivalries. Liverpool vs. Man U, Barcelona at Real Madrid, AC vs Inter, City vs United...nothing here comes close. In the rest of the world football is a religion...come pray with us!