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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Great Choke Of The World Cup

We are in the middle of one the greatest opening rounds in World Cup history.  One thing people don't realize is that on Sunday we witnessed the biggest choke in World Cup history.  I'm talking about the game between the Untied States and Portugal.  In case you missed it this was a thrilling game that ended in 2-2 draw. 
The U.S. trailed 1-0 at halftime and many American fans were concerned.  Could this be the end of the Americans stay in the World Cup?  But in the 64th minute that all change when Jone's scored.  The U.S. was now tied with Portugal and it remained that way until the 81st minute.  That's when Clint Dempsey scored given the United States the lead and putting them just nine minutes away from advancing to the knockout rounds of the 2014 World Cup.
Coming into the World Cup many experts said that group G was the toughest group and didn't think the U.S. would survive let alone be the first team to punch their ticket to the knockout rounds.  With the game already making history with the first ever water break the U.S. were getting ready to make more history leading 2-1 going into stoppage play.  There was 5minutes of stoppage play and with about 30 seconds left Portugal pulled of a miracle.  Varela scored on a sweet pass from Reynaldo and broke the hearts of fans across the country.
Here's where the choke lies.  With less the a minute left the U.S. allows Portugal to get the ball on their side of the field?  And to top it off they allow it in the hands of the world's greatest player in the open field?  Are you kidding me?  And the worst part is we are satisfied with a draw!  "well we still have a chance to advance", "we weren't supposed to even compete with them", and "at least we tied" are some of the things people are thinking to justify this loss.(even though we tied it's a loss, especially if we lose on Thursday)  Look at it this way, if this was any other sport and something like this happened we wouldn't be celebrating the U.S. soccer team, we would be calling them artist's.  The fact that we are not a powerhouse soccer country saves our soccer team from humiliation.

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