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Friday, June 27, 2014

We Lost But We Won?

Earlier today the United Sates Soccer team lost a close game 1-0 to Germany.  If the United States had won or tied they would move on to the knockout round.  The World Cup's version of the Sweet 16.  Well the United States lost.  Since there game was going on the same time the Portugal and Ghana game was on the team had no idea of their fate.
Here's where the win comes in to play.  Because of goal differential the Americans were able to move on to the next round.  They will play Belgium on Monday in an elimination game.  This is when soccer gets fun.  There are no draws and after overtime the game is decided by penalty kicks.  Since it is now win or go home the games will also get a lot more competitive which means some players will try to be get away with a lot more.  The United States has an uphill battle if they want to win the World Cup but with us advancing after a loss gives us confidence in our national soccer team.  Go USA!

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