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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Winning Over A Nation Through Soccer

Earlier today the United States was eliminated from the World Cup after 2-1 loss in extra time to Belgium.  True soccer fans and experts didn't give the U.S. men's soccer team much of a chance to win but just like the previous games we hung in their and almost shocked the world again.  Even though we lost the USMNT brought the average American sport fans closer together these last few weeks.  They were everything we love in sports.  An underdog with with under rated players that just made you want to see them succeed.  And they did.  They weren't expected to get out of the first round.  With a win over Ghana, a team that has dominated them the last few World Cups, and a draw to a much more experienced Portugal team they did just that.
We had a lot things that didn't go our way including injuries in just about every game, and some very questionable calls that did not go our way.  Even though America did advance today they did let the world now that we will be ready for 2018.  They have made the sport of soccer popular here in the U.S. and lets hope the popularity continues into the next World Cup.

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